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I shoved my glasses up my nose as I sniffed in the beautiful fresh air as the leaves of the trees swayed along with the small gust of wind. I loved this weather. Slightly warm but not cold or too hot. The perfect weather to read a book outside at lunch break. I loved school. It's my favourite part of five days every week. The smell of the library has to be my most favourite smell of all. Not even chocolate can beat that, and boy do I love chocolate! Oh, boys... Yep that reminds me, something I haven't mentioned yet, I have a certain, what do you say..liking? Towards my own gender..gasp? Yeah whatever. 

I never cared about what others thought. I already get bullied just for being my 'nerdy' self so what's the difference if I just add gay to my description? It didn't make anything worse per se, just added more insulting words. But whatever, right? I do have to lie to my mum quite a lot though, I don't really want to but if I ever told her how I was really getting the bruises and cuts, she'd embarrass me. Like big time. I'm not even kidding, you could probably think I was over exaggerating but I can see it now. She would drag me by my arm, storming in to the office of the school as every single kid watches my mother scream and go berserk about how her poor baby boy was getting hit and he would cry all night and no, I couldn't handle that. As much as I can handle getting bullied and called names and what not, I just wouldn't be able to handle that situation. 

I respect my mother very much though. I don't know what I would do without that woman. She's a super hero. Well not literally...Just one to me, always has been. She raised me on her own, with two jobs to only just afford the house and food. It was very hard for her to do, I knew that. 

I walked through the doors of the school, going straight to my locker and grabbing my books for my first class, along with my blue, red, black pen, grey led, sharpener and eraser. I closed my locker door and made my way to the classroom, exactly seven minutes early, as always. I took my seat and lined my stationary in line, making them straight along with my book. 

Within a few minutes the pens were of course messed up and as I got up to grab them from the floor I tripped over a shin and fell flat on my face. Ha, highlight of today? The laughter echoed as I fixed my glasses and grabbed my pens, sitting back in my chair with a very red face. 

It was one of the usuals, this wasn't new, but this is the intro to my life. 

I'm Niall Horan, and I'm a gay nerd. 


new idea, good??

idk I just like it haha 


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