Friends With The Winchesters

Friends With The Winchesters

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Kaitlinne By CourageDontDesertMe Updated Apr 09, 2018

A SuperNatural Fanfic-  
Finally, I see a large shape just near the wall by my head. He reaches over and grabs the front of my neck. My back dragging on the concrete, my boots scraping against the rocks. I tried to push him away, oh did I ever try. I even reached for my gun, but It was thrown across the alley when I was thrown. The dark shape finally stops moving me but then he gets on top of me, in a straddle type situation. My arms are pinned, I can't move my legs. I'm almost certain that I'm going to die. I'm the werewolves victim tonight. How could I have been so ignorant.

Rosa's life was thrown out of control the day her family got murdered. What she didn't know then was where it would lead her and the things she would find out about herself and the family she thought she new.  
Join this inexperienced hunter as she takes on her worst nightmares and helps the Winchesters save the world. 

*I use a lot of material from the actual show this is a work of fan fiction after all ;)

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