I Bear It So They Don't Have To (A Clexa Fanfiction)

I Bear It So They Don't Have To (A Clexa Fanfiction)

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Clarke can't deal with the guilt she is carrying from the events at Mount Weather. 

Can Lexa help her through or will this burden stay with her forever?

Set after Clarke leaves Camp Jaha S2 Ep16

waakeme-upWithKisses waakeme-upWithKisses Oct 16, 2016
This is my first Clexa fanfic hopefully this ship doesn't F me up the way Camren 
woahclexa woahclexa Jul 10, 2016
Would you be able to check out my new clexa fanfic? I'm having trouble getting people to read it😂💗
thekidfromyesterday_ thekidfromyesterday_ Apr 28, 2016
Clarke is absolutely heroic and I won't think of her any other way.
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Apr 24, 2016
This is really good. It definitely is realistic in the sense that this would be the way someone would feel in this kind of situation.
AthenaLings AthenaLings Jun 16, 2016
The title to this book is I bear it so they don't have to that was what Clarke said to Bellamy I thought this was a clexa book😂😂
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Apr 24, 2016
She's going to hallucinate or pass out if she doesn't sleep soon, from the looks of it.