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Bloody War Paint {"The100" Clexa} *COMPLETED*

Bloody War Paint {"The100" Clexa} *COMPLETED*

69K Reads 2.4K Votes 19 Part Story
Isabell Aird By HedaIsabell Completed

Clarke left Camp Jaha and walked off into the wilderness. Three months she struggled to survive on her own until she met someone, who took her in and was willing to give her a home. But on Clarke's journey of finding out who she is and where she belongs, she met Lexa and her emotions started to distract her.

As she was forced to stay with either Lexa or Lexa's greatest enemy in order to survive she was close to losing her mind. 

Unknowing of what was really happening around her and of what big thing she started , Clarke tried to do what she had always done.
She did what's best for her people.

But who exactly were her people?
•This fanfiction and season three pick up three months after Clarke left Camp Jaha

•The 100 (Clexa) fanfiction 

• I do not own most of the characters

Karma7802 Karma7802 Apr 07
I've only read the first line and I don't even know if I'm prepared to continue...
I love you and this story already, you're like the only fanfic author i've seen who uses the word "lose" correctly. EVERYONE ELSE THINKS IT'S LOOSE
BeyonceHernandez BeyonceHernandez Jul 15, 2016
I seen this video where Eliza said I'm clean and someone in the audience said unlike Clarke  and the Eliza said alright while laughing
dzniheda dzniheda Mar 18, 2016
That's why she would have Lexa to keep her warm wym she wouldn't make it
aryastarke aryastarke Jul 31, 2016
*sees fire reach out to Clarke* gasp she's the Warrior of Light. The one who was promised!! Dany about to get it
                              (when your Game of Thrones af)
aryastarke aryastarke Jul 31, 2016
Melissandre: "I sense the Lord of Light. For the night is dark and full of terrors."
                               lol had to say it 😂