If He Lived | Fred Weasley (Hiatus: Apr '19)

If He Lived | Fred Weasley (Hiatus: Apr '19)

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HotChocolate20 By HotChocolate20 Updated Apr 30

"You all look like you need a Butterbeer," Fred said and passed out.

Fred Weasley is alive and well after the Battle of Hogwarts. The children, after the Battle, have been called back to complete their education obstructed due to the Battle and its effect.

This is a story about Fred Weasley and his later years at Hogwarts where he's found his perfect match: Hermione Granger.

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I already love it, you even made me cry and laugh at the same time 💓💖
Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and this Luke guy makes four. Isn’t there only two from each house?
Ava_Ravioli Ava_Ravioli Jan 21
I LOVE this book! You’re an amazing author, much better than me to say the least. 💕
You know, I don’t like the word succeeded.
                              Your hear it more often as “suc-ceeded” so you get all confused before you realize it’s “su-cceeded”.
Even as a portrait he still intends on terrifying his students.
ProngsWeasley31 ProngsWeasley31 Feb 29, 2016
You made me cry. In a good way. Starting a new book, a new adventure, and I know this one's going to be good.