Dragon Hero (What if, HTTYD)

Dragon Hero (What if, HTTYD)

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He Who Shall Walketh The Sky By mikiwalk Updated Aug 09

There is hero, a dragon hero. He stops dragons attacking villages. Know one knows who he was, or were he came from, but we know he's the 'Dragon Master,' they say he rides a Night Furry, the unholy offspring of lightning and death its self, but no one knows for sure, it is never seen, only herd.

Its been three years, since hiccup disappeared. The day he was meant to kill the Monstest Nightmare.

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kracynda kracynda Jul 05
Sur not counting just say two years or somthing because that's literally two years. Great God of lupis!😂
Totally I totally believe you lover girl just admit YOUR.IN.LOVE!
Uh huh. Cause you don't have to count to know exactly how many days he's been gone. That's how life works 🖒😏
Yeah I'm not counting someone else is they just told me…I love him so much…wait what?
Heyheyhey.  I am writing a fanfiction please read it "danger in dragon's isle"
As it was released, Hiccup and I jumped behind one of the walls.