Dragon Hero (What if, HTTYD)

Dragon Hero (What if, HTTYD)

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He Who Shall Walketh The Sky By mikiwalk Updated Aug 09, 2016

There is hero, a dragon hero. He stops dragons attacking villages. Know one knows who he was, or were he came from, but we know he's the 'Dragon Master,' they say he rides a Night Furry, the unholy offspring of lightning and death its self, but no one knows for sure, it is never seen, only herd.

Its been three years, since hiccup disappeared. The day he was meant to kill the Monstest Nightmare.

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EchoInsanity EchoInsanity Oct 24, 2017
No offense but if it was between you spelling all words correctly with right grammar and the world ending then we'd all be dead.
                              Sorry, that was mean, it's just that I keep running into writers that can't spell
PersiaLionheart PersiaLionheart Jun 10, 2017
Author chan
                              Do you know that on your cast it says fishlegs is the future chief and snotlout is just a viking
Fishlover04 Fishlover04 Jan 03
So you guys searched for a mouth....
                              Interesting...... #PlotTwist
Bored-With-A-Brain Bored-With-A-Brain Jul 30, 2017
You see I keep forgetting that they have strange names I thought she was talking about a dragon up there
ShadowDragon213 ShadowDragon213 Mar 20, 2017
Random person: Welcome to Berk! This is our chief! Sir Snots a Lot! 
                              Snotlot: Please just call me Snot-lot
ECHOSONG2005 ECHOSONG2005 Jul 22, 2017
oh and watch out for the axe snotlout ........ I guess ...................