Revenge Never Tasted So Sweet

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Julia By Julia_Eats_World Updated 5 years ago
Copyright © 2012 Liv Wilde witnessed the murder of her parents when she was only eight years old. Now nine years later, sixteen turning seventeen, deadly as a weapon, has vowed to take an eye for an eye against the man who ruined her life. Apart from her training, she does what she can to send her genius of a younger brother to the top school in New York and provide to his every needs, even if that means getting involved with the mafia. Not only is she struggling with the burden of having watched her parents murdered, watching the man walk away free, but is also struggling with trust and insecurity issues. But to live, she puts her feelings aside and at the end of every day there is only one question she asks herself: "Am i ready?" Will she finally get her revenge on the man who destroyed her child hood? Will she finally let herself fall in love? Will she make it out alive?
Your righting is amazing<3 Oh I just love revenge stories :)
@Julia_Eats_World My name is Liv! :) But I loveee this so far <3
I have re-read this book like 12 times waiting for you to update the second part.. YOU NEED TO UPDATE IT SOON
I read it,  I loved it, I added it to my favorites, and now I'm reading it again.
                                    Thanks for the amazing story!
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Oh my fucking god!!!!!! I read 2 parts then it x'd me out of the site and now I can't get any farther!!!!!!!!!
Good start, but you never wrote why did she run away from her foster parents.