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UNMARKED (previously Wolfheart)

UNMARKED (previously Wolfheart)

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Meg McGorry By LadyKnightMeg Updated 3 days ago

Blayre of Blumore has aspired to be one of the Twelve - an elite set of  warriors sworn to protect the Kingdom of Emares - since she was a child. She has a gift - but one that she must keep hidden from most of the world or risk being used by someone with ill will. 
  But when the Royal Family of Emares is in danger, Blayre must make a choice - to use her gift for good at the risk of exposing herself, or to keep it hidden. Her choice is not easy, and what is right and wrong are not always what they seem. 
  Updates every Friday
  Highest ranking: 94 in Fantasy 2/23/2017
  Cover art by @weeknder
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Drogaera Drogaera 4 hours ago
"Curiosity Killed The Cat, But Satisfaction Brought It Back"
millosophy millosophy Aug 03, 2016
Blayre is back with a bang! Loved the intrigue of the opening scene, and how chilling is that final line? Please tell me it's some epic foreshadowing. Great start, Rory's trouble, I can tell, and Ripley doesn't strike me as a Sunday nun either. Deffo want to know about that artifact...
Drogaera Drogaera 4 hours ago
"Curiosity Killed The Cat, But Satisfaction Brought It Back"
77gem77 77gem77 Nov 01, 2016
Are we supposed to come up with our own idea of a description???
There are still brackets lol and I'm coming up with all sorts of crazy
Creator_Of_Truth Creator_Of_Truth Jan 03, 2016
I love the way her name is spelled. It puts a spell on the reader that makes me want to read more...interesting