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I just wanted to update here, for those who missed it - I have begun to publish a new novel As Dark as the Forest. It's a rewrite of a project that I had previously uploaded here called Shadowed Forest. If you remember that story, it's completely different now! This version includes an MC who is a shapeshifter raised in a den of thieves, assassins, and other criminals. 

A kingdom. A curse. And a girl running from her past.

When an illness affecting magic-users begins to sweep through her city, Orianne is tasked to go to the Quercian Forest to steal the healing stones from the Quercians that contain the power to heal the mages. When the guild leader, Remo does something unforgivable, Orianne travels to the forest of her own accord to repair the damage he's caused. What she finds is a forest that is dealing with its own dark curse - one that she must break in order to win the healing stones needed to save her friends and family.

On her journey, she forges new friendships and discovers some surprising things about herself. Orianne must make difficult decisions, and face her ultimate fears in order to succeed in her mission - but success may be measured in different ways than she originally thought.

Head over to my works section to get started! If you loved UNMARKED, I hope you love As Dark as the Forest even more!

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