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Forget Me Not by AshMcConnell
Forget Me Notby A. M. McConnell
Mysteria washes up on an unfamiliar beach, with all of her memories gone, and no idea how she got there. She makes a home among the knights-the rulers of the land-who re...
Coil of Gold by LunarOracle
Coil of Goldby Anna Thomas
A dangerous and filthy lie is prevalent throughout the land of Ralium. Nobles and Kings would have their subject believe that the kingdom resting in a time of peace. The...
Ever So Lightly- Book 1 by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly- Book 1by Katie Steele
{COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities...
Dearest Anonymous, Let Me Be by ACLIXAM
Dearest Anonymous, Let Me Beby ACLIX
💫Featured on Wattpad's @magic A Magical Journey Reading List💫 Previously Titled as: Dear Mr. Male Lead, Leave Me Alone ★★★ "Loving you in only one lifetime is har...
Rune Stealer by Harleydutch
Rune Stealerby Harley
In the lands of Kainor some people are born with runes. These runes, scrawled in black at the base of the right side of the neck, grant the person a certain power. These...
The Legends of Minecráftiaa - The Omens' Blade by KingAddraen
The Legends of Minecráftiaa - KingAddraen
This tale comes many centuries after the first societies of men, in the world of Minecráftiaa. It includes the years of thriving, of the Great Kingdoms, and their painfu...
Changing Seasons by TheWritingBug
Changing Seasonsby TheWritingBug
'The seasons are going to change: move or adapt.' In a world where the citizens constantly chase their season to survive, Eric and Katoka Greywood just want someplace sa...
The Time of the Hidden by lauratimpson8
The Time of the Hiddenby lauratimpson8
Skyler Peterson, a junior in high school, thought the it was unbelievable when she was dancing in the arms of her crush, but the night of wonder didn't end there. With a...
Of Angels and Demons (Book 1) by Zyrofern
Of Angels and Demons (Book 1)by Zyrofern
For as long as mankind can remember, a war between angels and demons has been fought. Angels cannot cross over to the demons' world and demons cannot cross over to the a...
Tristan by SallySlater
Tristanby Sally Slater
*Companion to Uriel* Tristan Lyons is hiding out in Haywood, adjusting to his new life as a former paladin and alleged traitor to the crown. But as he trains with the re...
Forbidden In Your Eyes by humanlypossible
Forbidden In Your Eyesby Lindsey Taylor🌹
The Northern Tundra and the Southern Vale have been divided for centuries. The tide turns when the south takes over the north. The southern king decides to choose a woma...
Secrets of Evermore by FlameDarkwoodYT
Secrets of Evermoreby YaHoomanFlame
An abandoned village. A lost guard. A forgotten lord. In Evermore
How to: Build Your Fantasy World by amayhh
How to: Build Your Fantasy Worldby Alecs
#1 IN WORLDBUILDING - 03/11/2019 //✿\\ Do you want to give fantasy writing a go; but you're not quite sure where to start? Or Are you a fantasy writer with so many world...
Areth: The Man and the Stone by Arbiter376
Areth: The Man and the Stoneby Jacob Miller
October 20th, 2018 in Saitama Japan, Jushiro Motoshita, who was living a normal life as an artist and instructor suddenly had his life changed when he finds a mysterious...
Master of Dragons by VallenDark
Master of Dragonsby VallenDark
Verrine was raised differently for a woman; hardy from farm work and training. Everything was fine under her fathers wing, and she lived well. That is... Until her fathe...
Castle of Glass (Book One) by stellaluna_writes
Castle of Glass (Book One)by Stella Luna 🌙
The Kingdom of Valencia's Castle of Glass is a true sight to behold. But, as 21 year old Persephone is about to find out, its secrets are deadly.
Swords and Staffs by writing_for_you21
Swords and Staffsby Keira
Arlene and Alistair both grow up to hate each other but little do they know the first time they meet they notice some sort of connection they cannot ignore. They battle...
Ablaze | Lotr Story | Eomer by brinkaurus
Ablaze | Lotr Story | Eomerby brinkaurus
Tamira, her name is Tamira. She was the last dragon rider of middle earth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She was a warrior destined to be Queen of the Riders, that was until h...
Venahsi [On Hold] by LunarOracle
Venahsi [On Hold]by Anna Thomas
[Story is going through a major change in setting and world building] Venahsi is not a name, it is a title. To be deemed a Venahsi is to be feared, to be known as ruthle...
The Purest Blood by CheyanneMurray
The Purest Bloodby Cheyanne Murray
Valerlanta always believed her forest would hide her from anything, but she soon learns how very wrong she was. On a rainy day in the forest, Valerlanta was looting bod...