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UNMARKED by LadyKnightMeg
UNMARKEDby Meg McGorry
Song of the Lioness meets Game of Thrones in this thrilling fantasy-adventure! Blayre of Blumore is a Seeker, who apprehends illegal magic users in service of the Emari...
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The Guardian Prince - Deleted Scenes by LauriciaMatuska
The Guardian Prince - Deleted LauriciaMatuska
Scenes that have been deleted from The Guardian Prince, a work-in-progress sequel to The Healer's Rune
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The Healer's Rune from Aodhan's Perspective by LauriciaMatuska
The Healer's Rune from Aodhan's LauriciaMatuska
As I'm in the process of writing the sequel to The Healer's Rune, I've had to make many stylistic decisions. One of them was to decide whether or not to introduce a new...
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The Enchanted by AmeliaOz
The Enchantedby Amelia Oz
What if you discovered everything you thought you knew was a lie? That you had a single year to live before an enchantment ended your life? Stella Avery despises secrets...
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The Impure by DrewNg
The Impureby Andrew Nguyen
Awakening from a mysterious collapse, Oliver discovers he has the power to control time. Now the Impure invite him to join their team, a group of people with powers just...
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