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A Dark Fall

A Dark Fall

985K Reads 25.3K Votes 35 Part Story
Scarlett Drake By ScarletteDrake Completed

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Alex, a privileged young doctor, has always followed a very safe and practical path when it comes to her career and her men.  She's always done everything that was expected of her and it's worked out pretty well - until now...  

Jake has led a life full of violence, power and darkness in the gritty underworld of London's east end.  Respected and feared, he's forged a life for himself in a world he's always felt apart from. A world he knows he doesn't want to live in forever.  A world he knows he won't survive in forever.   

When one fateful night brings them both together, an instant attraction draws them into a strong obsession.  One that neither of them is able to deny.  One that neither of them wants to deny.   Jake knows he has to have her, and Alex knows she shouldn't let him.   

If Jake could only open up to Alex about the dark parts of his life she may just be the very one who can save him from it.  

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*PLEASE note: these works are UNEDITED. These works are rough drafts, these are works in progress. I know there are typos, I don't need them pointed out. Thank you.*

© Copyright 2015 All work is property of Scarlett Drake, any duplication or reproduction of all or part of this work without explicit permission by the author is illegal.

xneyrafa xneyrafa Jan 26
My parents argue all the time about small things and now they're getting a divorce and they can't stand eachother anymore😐
allyafterdark allyafterdark Aug 15, 2016
I was so imagining him as Tom Hardy before I saw the cast list!!!
susy0895 susy0895 3 days ago
I'm sick so i decided to read this again to cheer me up! It's always amazing, it's like reading it for the first time! And i'm so exited and happy for that ADF is so close to one million reads! You totally deserve it!
SavTheBookBandit SavTheBookBandit Jul 26, 2016
Sorry to nitpick but I think this might help if you do an edit, I've noticed that the dialogue in her pov doesn't match the one from his. Amazing story tho and sorry for pointing it out if you don't care or don't want ant pointers.
xxxnurse xxxnurse Mar 11, 2016
Bahaha the whole time I was reading this I was picturing forest from lawless. Then I get to the end and look at the cast for the first time and boom! Tom Hardy ❤️
xneyrafa xneyrafa Jan 25
Shouldn't he die if he got stabbed in the neck with a knife?