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Ayato:the fool by Apollo109928
Ayato:the foolby Apollo109928
Ayato of the "netosis" doujin.what if he had a brain,what if instead of choosing to stay in that household to suffer,he decides to run away... And suddenly stu...
Beyond Infidelity - An NTR Revenge Story by KrashewNut
Beyond Infidelity - An NTR KrashewNut
#276347 [Maguro Coffee] Tonight, I will service my Husband's Boss [English] [Raknnkarscans] X #225482(C93) [Shinjugai (Takeda Hiromitsu)] Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku [Engli...
Kokujin no Tenkousei react to Hiroki's future as Itadori (NTR x JJK) by SinJin2025
Kokujin no Tenkousei react to SinJin2025
Hiroki has recently discovered that the four women he once knew and loved, his girlfriend (Nao), sister (Kanoko), best friend (Ayumu), and mom (Kaede), have been doing i...
Inmates Student (NTR Revenge Story) (Complete) by Anti-NTR_Agent
Inmates Student (NTR Revenge Anti-NTR_Agent
Hiroki found out about his mother and sister sleeping with the bastard along with his girlfriend and friend he felt broken. When he heard them ridicule him he felt like...
NTRverse , The Avengers React  by Rickandmorty642
NTRverse , The Avengers React by thin_man
NTR serials react to the future of those betrayed by their loved ones . characters in the first episode YouTube account link:
Hey Pretty Boy by doppelganger09
Hey Pretty Boyby Edgy Psychic
A gyaru boy named Aki sees Hiroki acting rather depressed one night, and thus he decides to see if he can help
Ayumu's Resolve by doppelganger09
Ayumu's Resolveby Edgy Psychic
Ayumu having almost been blackmailed into adding to her friend's torment, is now determined to protect her friend Hiroki no matter the cost
The Monster You Created (NTR Revenge Story) (Complete) by Anti-NTR_Agent
The Monster You Created (NTR Anti-NTR_Agent
After Kazuki lost his mind and had his heart broken after watching the DVD's he runs from home and saw something he never expected to see. His own sister, Rinka, talking...
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never make a deal with a sorceress by doppelganger09
never make a deal with a sorceressby Edgy Psychic
Lihan was at his lowest point, his party was brain washed by a narcissistic prince and they constantly beat him and do lewd things with the prince in front of him all wh...
Redo Of Cheater by doppelganger09
Redo Of Cheaterby Edgy Psychic
have you ever read an ntr manga and thought to yourself "what if the girl that cheated on her man got a second chance, a chance to not make the same lust filled dec...
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World Greatest Teacher: Ultraman Taro! by MathewRafaelAmper
World Greatest Teacher: Ultraman ʙʟᴀᴢᴀʀ-ɴɪɢʜᴛ
The story centers around Hiro Itō, a newly appointed teacher at a university in Bunkyo City, Tokyo. Hiro, along with his supportive wife Masumi, embarks on a new chapter...
Discipline- Venganza sadica by Colephoenix76
Discipline- Venganza sadicaby colephoenix
Esta historia sera diferente a otras de discipline, aqui si hare sufrir a los abusadores y el niño podra tener una venganza ademas de que el final si lo hare oscuro, me...