Into the Dark

Into the Dark

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Scarlett Drake By ScarletteDrake Updated Mar 05

Sequel to the Cosmopolitan & Wattpad featured "A Dark Fall". 

Five weeks after the events that fateful Sunday afternoon Jake is left dealing with the consequences of his momentous decision.  Will what he's done be enough to win Alex back? 

In France, Alex is nursing her heartbreak as she tries to decide if she can live without the man she loves - or whether she can live with him and who he is...

*PLEASE note: these works are UNEDITED. These works are rough drafts, these are works in progress. I know there are typos, I don't need them pointed out. Thank you.* 

**PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This story contains strong sexual language and scenes and is only suitable for MATURE audiences. You have been warned.**

© Copyright 2015 All work is property of Scarlett Drake, any duplication or reproduction of all or part of this work without explicit permission by the author is illegal.

Siibear Siibear Mar 13
Mark knew that he slept with Sharon so there's somebody else doing some talking too
chasing_heartbeats chasing_heartbeats Jul 23, 2016
Quoting Selena Gomez Hugh!? ..  The heart wants what it wants.... All Gomez fans say HEY
energeticlewk energeticlewk Dec 07, 2016
I don't like Vicky but I don't agree with him speaking to her like this... She's the mother of his child god dammit
Tissy43 Tissy43 Dec 10, 2016
😱😱😱I tried to wait but couldn't. Just after the prologue I'm in the edge of my seat...sweet baby Jesus..............
Cdcbjc Cdcbjc Oct 31, 2016
Scarlette, I just finished reading both books! Absolutely fantastic series! I'm nail biting for an update! Please make it happen soon!
okokalright13 okokalright13 Dec 25, 2016
Alex once said she had a feeling about him being the "bad cop"