Into the Dark

Into the Dark

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Scarlett Drake By ScarletteDrake Completed

Sequel to the Cosmopolitan & Wattpad featured "A Dark Fall". 

Five weeks after the events that fateful Sunday afternoon Jake is left dealing with the consequences of his momentous decision.  Will what he's done be enough to win Alex back? 

In France, Alex is nursing her heartbreak as she tries to decide if she can live without the man she loves - or whether she can live with him and who he is...

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**PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This story contains strong sexual language and scenes and is only suitable for MATURE audiences. You have been warned.**

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venetum venetum Jun 24
Mark's probably feeding them information coz he doesn't want Jake to get alex back
sanamoosvi sanamoosvi Mar 25
Hw cn i 3 old boy talk so perfectly...boys talk late isnt it
Siibear Siibear Mar 13
Mark knew that he slept with Sharon so there's somebody else doing some talking too
Ew she just touched him without his consent and you all are laughing 😒
KayaBitar KayaBitar Apr 18
He's a smart man from the way he talks. He needs to be careful.
sky0813 sky0813 Jun 07
I don't approve my sexy ass imaginary boyfriend jake what Are you doing.. I don't like this at all. Don't be the snitch 😢