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Lexi's Undoing

Lexi's Undoing

18.3M Reads 473K Votes 66 Part Story
Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Completed

Lexi Maxwell is turning eighteen and her virtue is still, annoyingly, intact. And romance novels, with those steamy sex scenes... Well, they aren't cutting it anymore. So, how does a well-educated, athletically inclined, perfectly acceptable looking girl find a man when she has been forced to attend an all-girls school since the onset of puberty? If you ask Lexi, it's not going to happen when your parents hand pick preppy clods who boast about their impressive skills and wear more hair gel than a Pierre Cardin model.

On the weekend of her birthday celebration, while Lexi tries to avoid the slew of Mr. Wrongs in attendance, Mr. Right walks in. Luke Carrington has hazel eyes that are desperate to be amber, and the kind of face that would never get lost in a crowd. The only snag is her Uncle Z. He is clearly unhappy with Luke's unscheduled appearance, and he attempts to ruin Lexi's fun by blocking their encounters at every turn. Fortunately, this doesn't stop Lexi and Luke from making a love connection, and before the curtain closes, Luke gives her the gift she wished for the most. 

But, this is no fairytale. As the clock strikes twelve on her birthday, Lexi's family drops a bomb on her, busting her world wide open, and she discovers that Mr. Right is not who he claimed to be, but neither is her Uncle Z. Now, Lexi must face the toughest choice of her short life; deciding between the family who betrayed her and the man who promises her a passionate but precarious eternity.


CONTENT WARNING: If you want PC and sweet, this is not the story for you. Beware of spoilers in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: This work is owned by the author. Please do not attempt to plagiarize or bad karma will befall you.

HatredBleh HatredBleh Apr 26
I know how you feel.. I'm legit at an all girls school and we have a boys school next to us (they separated us)
Kylaaa_143 Kylaaa_143 6 days ago
In school I be reading Wattpad and my teachers be like 
                              "Get off your phone!! Your little friends can wait!!!"
                              And I'm like 
                              "I'm not texting. I'm reading"
                              And they be like "let me see"
                              *turns screen*
                              Then their like "oh...WELL read another time."
I hate it so much when someone sees I'm reading and continues to have a conversation with me.
zara_stone zara_stone Apr 07
In 2018 i turn 18.. In 2017 I'm 17...perks of being born in 2000
I love Alt J so much. More people need to know of them. My favorite by them is Hunger of the Pine.
I'm new to this book. Nobody tell me what to expect. I think I might know.......