that treble

that treble

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Skylar transferred to Barden University and ends up rooming with Donald Walsh and meeting the rest of the Treblemakers along the way. They're all pretty much brothers to her except for a certain beatboxing Treblemaker, they become a little bit more than friends. Let's not forgot the cherry on top, she's a Barden Bella. Which leads to her having to avoid anything to do with the trebles, but let's just say she's never been the one to follow the rules.

( None of this has been edited, I've just never found time to go over it, so there's plenty of mistakes considering I write most of the chapters around one in the morning. )

started- august 6, 2015

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Do you wanna hang out tonight 
                              Sorry I gotta walk my dog 
                              You don’t have a dog
                              Uh ya I do
                              Then what’s its name
If I got one of those I would blow it a ton just to be a brat
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You are freaking amazing you like Dan and Phil and you like AA