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"Spider-Man's A Girl?!" by PitchSlapped2208
"Spider-Man's A Girl?!"by PitchSlapped2208
Beca Mitchell got left with her Aunt and Uncle at a young age when her Mother and Father left. 11 years later she is thinking about her life after graduating high school...
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Hots For Beale by lmfaowhat
Hots For Bealeby lmfaowhat
18 year old, Beca, fell for her Chemistry teacher, Miss Beale who keeps giving her mixed signals. Is she going to act on her love? Or is it just a high school fling crus...
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Secrets by b3chl03wr1t3r
Secretsby b3chl03wr1t3r
Beca and Chloe are just meant to be, all the Bella's agree and there's nothing that can stop them, or is there. Beca has secrets, big secrets, but will the others be so...
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Someone to stay by Matt_9717
Someone to stayby Matt_9717
~ Sometimes you take unusual detours or parallel roads destined not to meet again. I hope it's not our case, but if it is, wherever I go, at any moment, I'll be with my...
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Unbelievably Inlove with You by Achuchunessz
Unbelievably Inlove with Youby Unknown
Im inlove with a woman who has a Blue Eyes
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Incorrect Barden Bellas by Run-Dont-Walk
Incorrect Barden Bellasby ~Robs from Pvramorミ~
Things the Bellas haven't said, but probably would have. The jokes used are all from the mind of yours truly, not from any other franchises (tv shows, books, movies, etc...
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She's The Boss by PitchSlapped2208
She's The Bossby PitchSlapped2208
Beca is working as a DJ in a small but popular club in downtown LA. Chloe is her manager helping her to break into the music business properly as a producer/artist. Up u...
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I Wish That I Had Jesse's Girl by Lauren_JaureguiXXVII
I Wish That I Had Jesse's Girlby Camila is Life
It Hurts. Every time I see them together, I am reminded that I can't have her. I am just her best friend. To her, I am only a small part of her life. But to me, she is m...
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Beca Mitchell: Vampire Hunter(Editing) by Super-Fangirl-Corp
Beca Mitchell: Vampire Hunter( Вє¢нℓσє Тяαѕн
Beca Mitchell tips and Guide about Bloodsucking bastards •Avoid staring into eyes. •Avoid listening to their singing(Oddly enough these creatures lure people with their...
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Pitch Slapped || Completed by FoxyGlory
Pitch Slapped || Completedby FoxyGlory
Melody Conrad, sister to Stacie Conrad but better known as Baby. When the two sisters go to college they have an adventure of singing, screaming, love, and more. Melody...
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Coffee? (Bechloe) by ItsLittleOldMee
Coffee? (Bechloe)by ItsLittleOldMee
Set at the end of PP, A slightly okay fanfiction about a wild redhead and a petulant DJ with a subpar ending. Hope y'all enjoy.
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Bechloe - Chicago was a mistake. by Justakid444
Bechloe - Chicago was a Sophie
Set after pitch perfect 3, Chloe heads to vet school after the Bellas have a falling out at the end of the 3rd movie. Beca sets off to LA to begin her own career at DJ K...
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Find You Again {Bechloe Fanfic} by RealStoryMind
Find You Again {Bechloe Fanfic}by RealStoryMind
"It's painful to say goodbye to someone you don't want to let go. I wish you would just answer my calls but what can I do? I can't make you come back to me. But I w...
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10 Years Later... A Bechloe Fanfic by AnnakBrittsnow
10 Years Later... A Bechloe Fanficby AnnakBrittsnow
Chloe and Beca, both single mothers, hadn't seen each other since college. After Beca moves to Maine, Chloe's hometown, their lives slowly start to intertwine. Soon enou...
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The Doctor and The DJ by Bechloe_writer
The Doctor and The DJby Bechloe_writer
Chloe is a doctor and meets Beca who has been in a accident. The two get along really great but Beca has a secret that stops her from a relationship with Chloe. Thanks t...
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I Want You (The Voice) - Bechloe  by We_Stann
I Want You (The Voice) - Bechloe by 🐥.
I do not own The Voice, nor do I own Pitch Perfect (If I did, I would definitely have a kitchen full of ramen), BUT hopefully this is something new and not something you...
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Best friend's sister  by Bichwot
Best friend's sister by Bichwot
Jesse is Beca's best friend. Chloe is Jesse's big sister.
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Just one look by AnneMiley
Just one lookby Anne
Beca is new at Barden University, Chloe a senior. When Beca met Chloe into the showers, she falls for her, but when she heard Chloe have an relationship with Tom she den...
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Bechloe: BELONG by crimsonn17
Bechloe: BELONGby crimsonn17
Not my story Got it from story by: makegoodchoices
Bully or Crush - A Bechloe Story by bechloe1stan
Bully or Crush - A Bechloe Storyby bechloe1stan
Beca bullies Chloe. But a thing Chloe doesn't know is that Beca bullies her because she just can't tell her her true feelings... Should she ever do that? Is she even gon...
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