my treble

my treble

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xxx on a kill streak By lightsoutalice Updated Nov 05

sequal to 'that treblemaker' so read this or you're gonna be super confused

 Sky's finally about to graduate and it's a lot to handle, especially trying to balance friendship, the bellas, and her boyfriend. is there really a future with donald or will one guy ruin all the trust they had built for each other.

I have not went through this and corrected the mistakes so, whoops.

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I know u probably didn't mean to put maths or its because of a dodgy site but I watched to film with subtitles to learn the script completely and it said maps but it's quite funny how it says maths
What? Are you kidding me?!? 
                              THIS IS SIMPLE GEOGRAPHY WOMEN!! 
                              XD THIS GOT ME DEAD 💀🔫
Meanhoebae Meanhoebae Jan 08
I think it right because that would be even more funny cause she said that she failed math and they were talking bout geography if anyone understands☺️
Firegoddess1234 Firegoddess1234 Dec 22, 2015
Time flies when you're having the perfect life with Donald and I'm sitting here pretending to be happy for u
lightsoutalice lightsoutalice Oct 10, 2015
oh whoops, I got the script off some site so I'm sorry if it isn't entirely correct