Cosmic | SuperFruit *COMPLETED* by PointlessNachos
Cosmic | SuperFruit *COMPLETED*by 'Nahhhh-chos
"We're not a normal couple, are we?" "No, I wouldn't say we are." | Scomiche | Pentatonix | BoyxBoy | MPreg- Sort of | Harsh Language | Drug Use |...
  • gay
  • acapella
  • lgbt
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To Love The Russian Bella by Lizzydripping04
To Love The Russian Bellaby Lizzydripping04
*Takes place during Pitch Perfect 2* The Bellas are back and Serafima, or Sera is one of them. Sera is Russian and is an amazing singer. She is Fat Amy's old friend and...
  • pitchperfect
  • bellas
  • german
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There For You by evergreenchemistry
There For Youby glorious purpose
[Student X Teacher] A relationship between a student and a teacher, will they be able to hold together until graduation? Or at all?? Marked mature for underage.
  • scomiche
  • evergreenchemistry
  • troyesivan
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scömíche oneshots by whil3pigsfly
scömíche oneshotsby colby
  • superfruit
  • pentatonix
  • mitchgrassi
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Scomiche Oneshots by evergreenchemistry
Scomiche Oneshotsby glorious purpose
the title✨ *SMUT CHAPTERS WILL BE POSTED ON TUMBLR @ cantsleepmitch*
  • evergreenchemistry
  • mattsallee
  • scotthoying
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Pitch Perfect 4: It's Bhloe Pitches. by tornadodowsett
Pitch Perfect 4: It's Bhloe Tornado Dowsett
Fan Fiction following Pitch Perfect plotline where Bechloe is cannon. Bechloe moments woven into the cinematic storyline (including plausible plot links) with an additio...
  • acapella
  • fatamy
  • lesbian
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Experiments // Bechloe by SexualLern
Experiments // Bechloeby Lauren Tops😊
"you know, one of ‪my biggest regrets is that i didn't do enough experimenting in college." "you're so weird." Experimenting- that's all it was. Rig...
  • bellas
  • aubrey
  • bechloe
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Rewound {PTX} by czmmmm
Rewound {PTX}by Caesium
I'm in the wrong bed. I guess that means I'm on tour. I could have sworn tour ended a week ago, but I'm too tired to figure that out right now. I clutch my vaguely famil...
  • acapella
  • music
  • scotthoying
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Plan For Forever  by evergreenchemistry
Plan For Forever by glorious purpose
a short story with short chapters about how Mitch meets a curious blond while on vacation in The Bahamas.
  • vacation
  • acapella
  • scotthoying
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Pitch Perfect [ST cast + reader] by hurricane_tortila
Pitch Perfect [ST cast + reader]by more like
"You really don't like me, do you." "I don't like your attitude." "You don't even know me!" "I know you have a toner...for Finn."...
  • jackdylangrazer
  • itcast
  • wolfhard
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¿Quien dijo amigos? by ladrillita
¿Quien dijo amigos?by the duff
a veces, las vueltas de la vida, te junta con gente en los momentos que mas necesitas a alguien a tu lado, completos desconocidos, pero de alguna manera muy extraña, se...
  • bloe
  • pitchperfect
  • beca
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Song of the Day by MusicalMya
Song of the Dayby Mya🎤
Every wonder what I'm singing in my head cause I'm MusicalMya and I comment a lot about music and songs??? Here is a full on run down for everyday of the week. Songs WIL...
  • songs
  • songoftheday
  • popmusic
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The rollercoaster [KAVI FANFICTION] by kristakap
The rollercoaster [KAVI FANFICTION]by kristakap
When Kirstie found out that Jeremy cheated on her, she tried to confront him with it. That was a bad decission and she got knocked down to the floor by Jeremy. That's wh...
  • kirstiemaldonado
  • avi
  • singoff
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Life of a Pentaholic by PentaholicXIX
Life of a Pentaholicby PentaholicXIX
This is about the life of a TRUE PENTAHOLIC!
  • pentaholic
  • mitch
  • kaplan
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Pieter Kramer Love Story ( ON HOLD ) by browneyedmexican25
Pieter Kramer Love Story ( ON browneyedmexican25
Pitch Perfect two Also go on Quotev and read the story as well Its (alexandra or Malik26)
  • acapella
  • love
  • pitch
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HOME FREE SNAPCHATS by bbypumpkin98
A collection of screenshots from @homefreeguys snapchat stories! Go and add them y'all!! You won't regret it. Please let me know if there's any snaps I've missed and...
  • chrisrupp
  • country
  • adamrupp
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Pitch Perfect 4 by victoriabeacon
Pitch Perfect 4by victoriabeacon
This is a fan made sequel to Pitch Perfect 3. Two years have passed and the Bellas have gone on their separate ways pursuing different dreams and careers. But what if a...
  • hanamaelee
  • alexisknapp
  • acapella
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Burnt (Austin Brown Fic) by Therealjuby
Burnt (Austin Brown Fic)by Not Who You Think I Am
So, apparently, my brother is famous. Yeah right... Tim Foust. Ever heard of him? Nah? Thought so Anyway, when I came home from France, he was waiting for me in the air...
  • homefree
  • love
  • roblindquist
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Pitch perfect oneshots (requests closed) by Sombra4life
Pitch perfect oneshots (requests Sombra113
What the title says! Btw I will do oneshots from PP1 and PP2 but not PP3 because I haven't seen it yet. I will let you know when I have. Please request and enjoy!!! (My...
  • aubreyposen
  • beca
  • romance
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Pitch perfect 4  by SuperNoobzzzzz12
Pitch perfect 4 by SuperNoobzzzzz12
The Barden Bellas are reunited again and this time they are trying to become the first a capella group to make the top charts.
  • ester
  • acapella
  • becamitchell
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