2413 (Kanato x Reader)

2413 (Kanato x Reader)

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You looked up from your phone and to your dad. 

"I'm getting us food okay? Watch him, don't let 2413 go."


(AN: 100k! //O M F G//  Thank you so much!!! This is an AU fanfic of Kanato Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers. All of the things that I'll write here aren't realistic so if you want those stuff go to the non fiction of Wattpad. The anime does not belong to me ^-^)

(Cover made by @skyestorms ^-^

Highest Rank: #223 Short Story 2/16/15 :D)

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Come at meh pussy oh wait u cant cuz ur in a cell....
                              But I can beat u in there
I imagined him saying "baka" and now I can't stop fangirling >\\\<
Just like real life, im a magnet for banging into anything that comes my way.
Me: ok bye! *Pulls out phone and watched Hatsune Miku Pocky commercial*
Dude if you're so sure about that then I'll just get my glasses and contacts if I even have any-gosh darn it! Mom! Can I get some glasses?!
My phone's on the charger while I'm Reading this (4 percent)