Fight Between The Eldest Sons

Fight Between The Eldest Sons

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『 sakamaki shu x reader x sakamaki reiji 』 

Being a very bored girl, you decide to go out and find yourself some adventure that would forever keep you wondering what would happen next. But never did you imagine that listening to an old man on the streets would have you walking into a seemingly abandoned mansion only to find yourself running away from vampires for the rest of your human life. 
And to make matters worse, the two eldest sons of the Sakamaki's seem to be battling over who will claim your blood, or better yet, your entire being.
Who will you choose to be your vampire lover for the rest of eternity, the eldest son, Shu, or the second eldest son, Reiji?

((This is a Sakamaki Shu X Reader X Sakamaki Reiji))

This fanfic will have abuse, strong language, sadistic tendencies, and masochistic tendencies. So everything that you would normally find in Diabolik Lovers. xD

{] I do not own you, Diabolik Lovers, or the cover image. The plot I do own! [}
*Story Started April 20th, 2015*
*Story Completed September 6th, 2015*

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kanachan554 kanachan554 Jun 07, 2017
And???? Go ahead and try bish!! I will stab you in the soft part of your neck with a butter knife
- - Jul 15, 2017
And she's Stupid asf. I'm not saying that I don't like her but... yes I don't like Her.. so yahZ
MiTO-MaRS MiTO-MaRS Feb 26
i love pigeon mom to pieces but bunking with shu sounds amazing
                              sleep n cuddles all day <3
- - Apr 14, 2017
Yes I saw this in the Diabolk lovers ending 12, I think it was
xXPhoenixGurl200Xx xXPhoenixGurl200Xx Aug 14, 2017
Allowed is something that describes a permission of some sort aloud is something that describes someones way of speech
xXPhoenixGurl200Xx xXPhoenixGurl200Xx Aug 14, 2017
Know is a verb for understanding things
                              Now is a present tense word