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My Perfect Somebody (PruCan)BoyxBoy

My Perfect Somebody (PruCan)BoyxBoy

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animal By narwhalsssss123456 Updated Jul 19, 2016

Germany is annoyed that Prussia just simply crashed at his house after his country dissolved. Feeling that his brother should go and get a life already, he asks the albino to go find a "perfect somebody". Of course, the Prussian thought that his brother was being unreasonable and unawesome, so he made a bet with him that he wouldn't be able to find someone that was awesome enough for him. Soon enough, he finds himself standing in front of a timid man, holding a polar bear tightly, with a very distinct hair curl. Let's just say this is just the beginning of a very awesome adventure. Uses both country and human names. Mainly PruCan.  Maybe some others that pop up during the making. Currently rated PG13. Collaboration with Hetaliakawaiicat.
DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the characters.

RachelAten RachelAten Mar 20
*Sniffs* Ja, *Sniffs* Es ist stimmt.
                              Prussia was dissolved in the year of 1947.
Shadow_The_Echo Shadow_The_Echo Dec 06, 2016
My yaoi senses are tingling *alarm sounds in the background*
DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Sep 14, 2016
"No one is awesome enough for me."
                              Me:* cries in the Tamaki corner*
FudanshiLord FudanshiLord Dec 20, 2016
The only thing I have for a life is the longing for a non-yaoi but very yaoi Skating anime that's ending tmr
Well Prussia you better find a years supply of beer cause gonna lose.
ZimVader0017 ZimVader0017 Mar 16, 2016
Jesus, Germany, you could have at least cleaned it up a little.