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m a e By meanstreet Updated Jun 24, 2015

her big thighs give him heart eyes

inducing inducing Oct 04, 2016
im done with this BITCH saying she's ugly :// LIKE HOE YOU ARE PRETTY
izzyovo izzyovo Jun 25, 2016
I'm seeing her a more prettier than the sister I'm seeing her as the ugly sister in Cinderella idk tho
Sky_Lithium Sky_Lithium Apr 16, 2016
I am. Im planning on making stories like these. I got inspired:)
Mashtonaf99 Mashtonaf99 Apr 28, 2016
I'm not skinny and I'm fine with how I look, I just don't like how I get out of breath and sweaty easily 😅
sadradcalum sadradcalum Nov 16, 2015
They're all white too, add some WOC,  authors that are reading this please :)