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t h i g h s > c t h

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m a e By meanstreet Updated Jun 24, 2015

her big thighs give him heart eyes

inducing inducing Oct 04, 2016
im done with this BITCH saying she's ugly :// LIKE HOE YOU ARE PRETTY
izzyovo izzyovo Jun 25, 2016
I'm seeing her a more prettier than the sister I'm seeing her as the ugly sister in Cinderella idk tho
yoonseokfluff yoonseokfluff Feb 04, 2016
i'm headcanonning the aspen as poc and nothing can stop me. also, this is a lovely story and i'm loving it so far ahhhh :')
Sky_Lithium Sky_Lithium Apr 16, 2016
I am. Im planning on making stories like these. I got inspired:)
Mashtonaf99 Mashtonaf99 Apr 28, 2016
I'm not skinny and I'm fine with how I look, I just don't like how I get out of breath and sweaty easily 😅
sadradcalum sadradcalum Nov 16, 2015
They're all white too, add some WOC,  authors that are reading this please :)