This Thug Named Hezekiah

This Thug Named Hezekiah

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I sat in the back seat crying while me and mother tried getting away from my father. 

He ran up to the car pulling me out aiming the gun inside the car. "Mommy" I yelled. She quickly got out the car running over to my dad

"Sam,Sam. You know that I can't leave you" She said removing my dad hand from my arm. She kissed his lips. She turned around looking at me "Go inside and hide baby" She said 

I nodded my head taking off running back into the house. I ran upstairs to my parents room hiding under the bed. 
This always happens when we try to get away from my drunk and abusive father. She always give in 

I got scared when I heard the front door open. I got from under the bed looking downstairs. My mom saw me "Go hide" She mouth. I quickly went back under the bed 

Moments later the bedroom door open "Sam" My mother said as he pushed her on the bed. 

He didn't say anything. The bed start squeaking and my mother start screaming. Her hand slip from the bed on to the ground. I wiped my t...

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httpitzme httpitzme Nov 05, 2017
Literally ever single urban book I  read about that has the main character stripping the stripper friends name is ALWAYS diamond like tf😂😂
iLadyT iLadyT May 23, 2017
This is all just so sad man. I'm too much of a thug to be  over here crying like this 😭😭😭
QueenBianca_ QueenBianca_ Apr 25, 2016
I Love It So Far...It's Making Me Sad Asf Because Ol Girl Has It Hard. Keep It Going
90s_FINATIC 90s_FINATIC May 15, 2016
Oh hell nah his sick ass need to be killed she's his sister and she's only 9 wtf is wrong with him
90s_FINATIC 90s_FINATIC May 15, 2016
Reading that chapter all I could think about was Lil Waynes song "How to Love"
pvpimiyaaa pvpimiyaaa May 30, 2016
My best friend name is Austin but he like not like this he freaky but not to this extreme💩