Rejected? (BxB)

Rejected? (BxB)

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Xx_duh_xX By Xx_duh_xX Updated Apr 03, 2017


Kai Adams is the first born son of Troy and Drew Adams, the gay Alpha's of the Nightshade Pack. He is next in line, and is still waiting to find his mate. And when he does, its not what he expects. 

What happens when Kai's past catches up with him?

What happens when Kai's mate rejects him?

  • confusion
  • depression
  • gay
  • love
  • reject
sMeep200612 sMeep200612 Jun 13, 2018
I just started this and I can already tell this is actually a well-written work, so please fulfill my expectations!
coolcat0219 coolcat0219 Apr 11, 2017
I like reading boy x boy it helps me when im bord of wattpad
onlygayshipsinmydock onlygayshipsinmydock May 23, 2017
His father is ignoring him. Has he even said a word to him? Not even a happy birthday?
coolbeans120 coolbeans120 Jun 26, 2016
Why don't you start with and apology. Not that it will help much.
                              If that didn't work.
                              Why did you listen to me in the first place?
Danganbbies Danganbbies Mar 22, 2016
He got rejected. Nope. I'm done. *Puts Phone down* -Five Seconds Later- okay, maybe I'll finish this story.
Crazyhotlegz Crazyhotlegz Jan 25, 2016
I just like reading werewolf stories and if it happens to be boy x boy that makes it even better.