Find Me (boyxboy)

Find Me (boyxboy)

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Harris was rejected by his mate, Niel, his bestfriend who is about to become an Alpha in their pack. Even Niel's parents disapproved with them being mates so they decided to sent Harris away from their son to the Golden eye pack.

He decided to forget about Niel and look for a new mate but what will happen If his new mate is another Alpha male? Will he be rejected again or be accepted this time?

Warning!!! This is a boyxboy story so If this is not your thing then please don't continue. It's for your own safety, anyway have fun!

This reminds me of Stranger Things bc this would be the part where Will is talking through the wall. lol...
He aint worth it. He's in denial, but now is your chance to get a better mate and rub it in his face.
The writer of this story was named jiane .She is my bestfriend but. I dont read her story because it is english i cant understand it,she likes yaoi..
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Aug 11
Damn ....first page and I already have bitches on my hit list welp *loads shot gun *
You go "man that was a good choice because he is a total asśhole and I have another mate somewhere
campbell1610 campbell1610 Aug 13, 2015
I like the way it starts, i'm going to continue reading..........