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Timmy is a werewolf. Happy and innocent, but no member of the pack, since the Alpha decided that he was a "weakling" and not even worth the place of an Omega.

He didn't mind. The pack loved him anyways and the hardships of his childhood, caused by cruel and jealous kids didn't really reach him. He never understood why people were mean to him and together with Buddy he figured one day that sometimes people are strange.

Timmy never thought that he would have a mate. The Alpha always told him he was not worthy having a mate, and so he took his fate like everything else: With a shrug.

Until one day changed everything.

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MrGrumpyGills2 MrGrumpyGills2 Jun 03, 2017
_Too_Far_Gone_ _Too_Far_Gone_ Apr 18, 2017
But puppies are so cute and cuddly and sweet and lovable and loyal 😢
KyanaWRose KyanaWRose Aug 13, 2017
This mmmm tahhggh s sijxn x eijdcsmwososmwoso x kw. Hold me back.
LanehLove LanehLove Aug 28, 2017
Oml what kind of warrior is she. How could she let that innocent sweet baby run into fire like that. Timmy :c
_Too_Far_Gone_ _Too_Far_Gone_ Apr 18, 2017
Nate needs to take over, I love him ❤️
                              Nathan needs to die in a hole 😡
Calicat321 Calicat321 Jan 08
What was that video?!?! I’m really concerned and confused.