Living with the Drew boys *complete*

Living with the Drew boys *complete*

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Destiny Rico By Cookie_Monster_15991 Completed

Going under editing!!! WARNING!!! A LOT OF HAH'S IN THE BEGINNING!!!! You have been warned!!!!! 

Meet Maria Catherine Martin. She lives in Elberta, Alabama. She thought her life was perfect. Good grades, awesome friends, popularity, awesome family and an awesome home. That all went down the drain when her parents were murdered in a local restaurant. Did I mention it was their restaurant? No will it was. After what happened to her parents she just want to leave her home town to live in Los Angeles, California. With who you might ask well to her family friend's of course. with her 10 sons and 1 daughter on the way. What will she do?! How will she survive in a house of 10 boys? Well I guess you just have to see.

Okay guys so you know my other account _Cookie_Monster_14991 yeah well it was messing up so I'm using my other account *this one* sooooo yeah.

  • boys
  • confusion
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • maria
  • secrets
  • weirdness
Kshinault14 Kshinault14 Apr 11, 2016
I have a best friend who's name is brooklynn but we call her Maria
Pendapenda2424 Pendapenda2424 Feb 05, 2017
Awhh I have a faith ring that my mom gave me when I was little
Slushi123 Slushi123 Jan 06, 2016
this seems like a great story but just because they're twins doesn't mean they should be played by the same actor
ashley_jean55 ashley_jean55 Mar 24, 2015
He goes to my school! One of the nicest guys to work with in the theatre department
littlebirddy littlebirddy Feb 28, 2015
Interesting start!!!!!! Can't wait for the rest I love books like this