Sold to a vampire

Sold to a vampire

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ThisCrazyGurll.Ox By ThisCrazyGurll Updated Dec 26, 2016

Only 18 and her dad gave her up for slavering.

She knew it would happen but not today.

There she was standing there actually wishing to go back home.

But there he was...

But there's a plot twist.

*did not check spelling or grammar. Update will be soon. Inbox me what you think so far*


Kittou_Onika Kittou_Onika Dec 09, 2016
Damonnn would be alot better than Stefan for the type of description the woman gived
litygggjbdhnn litygggjbdhnn Jul 22, 2016
Spoiler alert !!! Starts with a m and has love to do with it
Abbymercy1312 Abbymercy1312 Dec 12, 2016
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Userelllly Userelllly Dec 20, 2016
Salvatore??? Hmmm I wonder where I have heard that name before?
MukeClemmingsTrash MukeClemmingsTrash Jul 10, 2016
In my science class we had a project in groups and one of them Named it trashy classy😂😂😂
WonderChild_ WonderChild_ Jan 07, 2016
Now I'm going to picture Damon now (not that there's a problem with that)