My Obsessive Stalker (werewolf story)

My Obsessive Stalker (werewolf story)

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"Becky, I'm scared! Someone's following me and I don't think I can make it home! Please help me! What should I do?!" I whisper yell at her while running off again as the footsteps are within my hearing range again.                                                                      Tears are now forming in my eyes but I shake my head and get rid of them.
------------------------------------------------Katherine White is a normal 17 year old girl who's still in high school. She doesn't really have enemies unless you count the s*uts in school who hate her although she hadn't done anything to them. What happens when she feels as if someone is following her? What happens when she unravels dark secrets? 
Read to find out!

This story may have many spelling errors. Sorry in advance if this is the case. Everything in this book belongs to me so please do not copy ANYTHING.

Thank you for giving this book a chance.

Warning: This story MAY or MAY NOT deal with things such as depression, also includes some swearing - Read at your own discretion.                                             All Rights Reserved!!!
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I'm wondering how a part time job gives her enough money for all that...or are things just more expensive in New York than where she is
Tbh I’m a heartless & soulless bitch. 
                              Gimme them billions
I think you should reorganise it into the fiction or fantasy genre , people will find it faster and I'm very intrigued just by the title of the story .
heartface14 heartface14 May 10, 2016
Oн ғυcĸ no!! I тнoυgнт yo aѕѕ waѕ ѕтrυgglιng вυт naн υ wanna тнeм 'ι geт ιт on мy own' people. Iм υp нere тнιnĸιng υ ιn ѕoмe ѕнιт вυт вιтcн υ goт вιllιonѕ. Mannnn
I always feel like someone's watching me. And I'm sure I look insane always looking to one my shoulders
Essiepooh11 Essiepooh11 Jun 22, 2016
Well the question is oblivious, she wants too keep earning money instead of losing it on unimportant things that shows the character is responsible!