The Haunted Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India

The Haunted Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India

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Mansi Pattni By mansi84pattni Updated May 03, 2018

(Undergoing heavy editing.)

You are on a tour to the most beautiful state of India- Rajasthan.
Pretty excited, you start the tour visiting many sites.
But what happens when you step into the Bhangarh Fort?

The Haunted Bhangarh Fort.
A historical site that is marked as one of the ten most Haunted places in India.

No one is allowed to step into that place before Sunrise and after Sunset, as an order by the Indian government.

This tragic and horrific story is about two youngsters. Nandini and Nikhil, who visit this fort as an adventure tour but end up getting caught in the clutches of an evil spirit.

Nandini's past somehow is linked to that of the Fort.
Read on and find out to know if Nandini can free herself and fight that evil force along with Nikhil.

Please see: This is not a real story.
Please please see: Prefer staying away if you're a grammar Nazi and are not capable of giving constructive criticism. The initial chapters were written with a rather immature narration. It improves as the story progresses. But STILL, if you want to read a better piece of this book, you can start, when it undergoes heavy editing. :)

Highest rank #1 in horror.

Happy Reading.

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shinchan0324 shinchan0324 May 18, 2018
I am from Rajasthan only but I have never visited Bhangarh is my dream to visit it.
swathi05 swathi05 Sep 09, 2017
Only one word to describe  this book..........AMAZING finish it soon cause I loved it
SnowDrop_TheJinx SnowDrop_TheJinx May 30, 2017
Wait. I just read about that fort on fb, then googled it.
                              And now I found this story.
                              I wish that's it just a coincidence.
BankutRani1 BankutRani1 Jul 14, 2017
Just a bit of constructive criticism here, I just think you should use  ellipses(…) a bit less and focus on using more of proper punctuation. I'm sure that will enhance your story.
                              Happy writing!
thecandidpotterhead thecandidpotterhead Jun 06, 2017
You're language could be much better. The story idea is immature. For a story so highly recommended, I'm disappointed.
- - Jun 04, 2017
Yeah. That's a great excitement indeed for a child. Away from all the boring classes. Just cheap thrills in the future.