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Sam Smith By Pixee_Styx Updated Apr 02

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Swallow is a chilling story that will make your skin crawl. 

Mildred is a meek high school student that suffers bullying from peers and neglect from parents and authority figures. Finally, she has had enough. In an unhinged moment, she seeks vengeance in dark magic, unwittingly opening herself to a dreadful demonic possession. Suddenly, she's gaining all the good qualities she desires. The only problem is that she steals them from her bullies...by consuming them. The demon inside her is on a mission to make Mildred perfect by eating one bully at a time.

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Any similarities to names, places, or situations is purely coincidental.

#3 in Horror 9/14/16

shineypanda shineypanda Jul 06
This great so fascinating and I loved how they said DON'T SWALLOW
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NyahCreek NyahCreek Jun 17
This has ruined my life 
                              My gosh a cannibalistic highschool kid
GrayTheStar GrayTheStar Apr 08
I'm 13 and just started reading Stephen King. Salem's lot, The Shining, Pet Semetary, Carrie, And Firestarter currently. I haven't been scared yet .3.
Mattchew07 Mattchew07 Feb 25
Cover is really good, but at the same time it's very creepy and mysterious to me