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At times you imagine a few things and scoff at yourself for the vivid images your mind displays, which is plainly bifurcated:
Into one- imagination that can never come true.
And two- intuition that always comes true.
What happens when the border between these thoughts merges?
The inexplicable and the unbelievable.

Here is my story, about how I conquered, how I lived, how I won, how I emerged. As a warrior.


The excitement in me gutted it's way through my hormones, as the adrenaline paced up when I saw the airplane tickets in my palms.
I rolled my eyes as I swiftly wiped another bead of sweat trickling down my forehead. Shaping my long, brown hair into a bun, I sighed.
This summer vacation is sure storing in some adventures.

"Rajasthan," I whispered to myself.

I opened my diary and marked the date. Not because this vacation looked lavish and grand, but because it seemed like it promised something I would never forget.

Plopping on the bed and staring at my father who didn't spare me one glance, I continued to let a string of questions stumble out of my mouth. I was certain he knew, my eyes were fixated on him.

"We're going for twenty days," came his response.

"But where do we–"

"I haven't decided yet, Nandini."
I frowned.
"Maybe you could help?" His eyes were constantly trained on the computer.
I adjusted myself on the bed with excitement flowing through my veins, allowing my lips to form a wide grin.
"Really?" I chirped. Clapping my hands, I squealed.
"I'll make the list right away!"

I heard my dad chuckle before skipping on to my younger brother, who was just as focused as my father on his video game. Huffing a deliberately loud breath, I rolled my eyes when I gained no attention.
I walked over to him and flicked the back of his head.
"We're going to Rajasthan, you potato!"

Rajasthan. Where my world was about to turn upside down.

Author's note:
All the characters in this story bear no resemblance to any event/person, occuring in reality. This story is purely fictional and any link to any reality whatsoever, except the existence of the Fort mentioned, is pure coincidence.

No rights are executed to copy this story or translate it without the author's permission.
Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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