The Alpha Princes slave

The Alpha Princes slave

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WolfgalXX By WolfgalXX Updated Jan 02

In a world where werewolves are on the top and humans at the bottom. After the werewolves had taken over the country humans were made into slaves. Some families were lucky enough if there children weren't sold and taken away never to be ever seen again... So what happens when Kendra Lux finds her family selling her to pay to keep themselves free from slavery. Well of course she's pissed off. Oh and did I mention she had a big mouth and is stubborn as a mule doesn't follow the rules or listen most the time. Kendra soon finds herself sold to Grey Steel. Cold-hearted, rude, possessive, dominant Alpha Prince of werewolves. Will she be able to last his wrath, dashing looks, and charms? Two people both stubborn, big mouthed, and have anger issues this will totally work out!
Find out in: ~The Alpha Princes slave~

Ranked #572 in romance

BEWARE: Violence, strong language, and sexual content in this book

KodaPotter KodaPotter Nov 17
wow, for people who take eighteen years to grow you up and nurture you, they are pretty quick to throw you under the bus.
                              Cool idea, needs editing.
PuppyClan PuppyClan May 18
Very very very very hot like wattpad. He can be wattpad's identical twins since they look soooooooo much alike
Ok you might not be biological ,but they still loved and raised you did they not?😑
blukittie blukittie Aug 08, 2015
MMMMMMMMMMM he looks so yummy...........
                              I'm so pervertive for my age
rosetts rosetts Jun 10, 2015
if I was her I would have beat the so called mom and dads a*s but so far its a good book