The Song Of The Wolf

The Song Of The Wolf

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Pien Pouwels By PienPouwels Updated Dec 09, 2017


In an era that gods dwelled among men and  greed reigned the land, the selfish actions of a king and his sons damned them to take the form of nightmarish beasts. Forced to flee at the hands of their curse, the quest for refuge lead them past many places, leaving whispers and legends in their wake. Finally, a safe haven was found and peace returned once again.

But centuries later, the natural course of this story takes a sharp turn when a lavender-eyed, Irish girl arrives to shake things up in more ways than they could have ever imagined. 


Childbearer / tʃʌɪld bɛːrə/
A human woman chosen by the gods to bear the strongest of lycanthrope children without complications, to ensure the royal bloodline never ceases to exist. Recognisable by scent and the startling, violet shade of her eyes.

Cover by @weeknder

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@PienPouwels Aw, thanks for the dedication! Keep up the great work!
Raynbo7789 Raynbo7789 Dec 09, 2017
Just the introduction has captured my attention and I will be sharing this on Facebook as soon as I am done.
blueshampagne blueshampagne Dec 24, 2017
This book is soo interesting. I’ve had it in my Library before, and I don’t know why on earth I didn’t read it until today. 😍
dissle dissle Dec 09, 2017
Wow! I absolutely LOVE your cover!!! This might be the main reason why I now want to read this book!
                              Who made it? You yourself?
posly_tipsy posly_tipsy Jul 03, 2017
M in love with every wors.the writer places them with wisdom.
SmolderingEmbers SmolderingEmbers Dec 07, 2017
I don't care much for an explanation all in one place.  It just sorta ruins the rest.