Oh! My D E A D (Lesbian story) <Book 4>

Oh! My D E A D (Lesbian story) <Book 4>

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.. By FallinginReverze Updated Sep 11, 2015

"l'll tell you a secret" I said to my friend almost whispering, she leaned closer then looked at me interested. I sighed heavily before speaking.
"I see dead people" I said truthfully but she just laughed out loud in return.
"You're Crazy" she said tapping my forehead.

"Am I?" I asked myself.

I'm saying the truth, last time I remember I was drag racing and when I woke up I see dead people. Including the most beautiful girl, no I mean ghost and She's hugging me from my back while laughing as well. 
It's supposed to be freaking scary but how come I am enjoying it? 

"I must be really crazy" I mumbled to myself then sighed again heavily.
"Yes you are" the ghost girl replied then poked my cheeks, Unfortunately I am the only one that can see her.. 

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I read it as important first😂😂😂 then i was like wait what ahh important mf 😂😂
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Yah coz breaking that promise might lead you to 3 years rehab
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Oe auther didn't keena told mischa that she was never been in relationship with her first love aka pepper