Mystery Girl (A MAZE RUNNER FANFIC) Book One

Mystery Girl (A MAZE RUNNER FANFIC) Book One

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secretninjas By secretninjas Updated Sep 13, 2016

Her name is Zoe. She is the fiery girl from beyond the maze in a place called The Zone. She happens to come across The Glade by chance but thanks to her mistakes she must now pay the price.

She has to now face bonds that are new to her, someone who acts like a brother and someone who can make her heart feel like it's being ripped from her body.

Yet at the same time the pressure of The Zone is seeping through her and she knows she has to go back but how can she when things are changing and her life comes crashing down? Or when The Gladers and The Zoners begin to collide?

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acaronar acaronar Sep 16, 2016
I've literally had this dreams sm I'm excited to actually read it : )
B_L_U_R_R_Y_F_A_C_E B_L_U_R_R_Y_F_A_C_E Apr 18, 2016
Sorry this is really random but hilarious at the same time. So my dad was reading The Death Cure to me and he stopped to scratch his nose. Well, he continued and it said, "Rat Man scratched his nose." My sister and I are starting to think he's Rat Man...
sal-NEWT-tations sal-NEWT-tations Oct 29, 2016
Rereading, brings back all the meories from when I first read this last year, then I read it to my friend and got her hooked. Then we proceeded to hook our whole group of friends one by one. I miss last year.
RedMaster10 RedMaster10 Jun 12, 2016
Omg i thought of a fanfic like this... AND I FOUND ONE IM SO HAPPEHHH
confusedfreya confusedfreya Dec 04, 2015
wait but. Holland Roden is not what the character  looks like?
Lydia_Rose_Loves_You Lydia_Rose_Loves_You May 11, 2015
can't beehive I find this I was just thinking of this last night