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She was Esme | Gally TMR by discoveringellie
She was Esme | Gally TMRby Eleanor
*DISCONTINUED* She woke up in a box, confused and frightened. That's how everything started. She didn't know how or why she ended up in a place filled with a bunch of...
See You Soon: A Maze Runner Story by imaginestoinfinity
See You Soon: A Maze Runner Storyby imaginestoinfinity
Lia is the first girl to ever be in the Glade, and when the new Greenie arrives, the only world she's ever known turns completely upside down as events unfold and she de...
The Warrior (A TMR Minho Fanfic) by -aeipathy-
The Warrior (A TMR Minho Fanfic)by tam tam
You have been told that Teresa was the first girl in the glade, but whoever told you that, clearly didn't know the whole story. ~ "It's a girl." Said the boy w...
A14 The Mistake {Newt x Reader} by NeverEnding_Hiatus
A14 The Mistake {Newt x Reader}by No Longer Active
×one MISTAKE is all it takes× Sending a girl to a maze that was only ment to be filled with boys, W.I.C.K.E.D soon realises it's mistake was bigger than they expected. ...
Mine Alone (Newt X Reader) by XxPhantomqueenxX
Mine Alone (Newt X Reader)by XxPhantomqueenxX
Teresa wasn't the first girl in the Glade.
fighting my end || Minho // Maze Runner Fanfic by CloveKentwell15
fighting my end || Minho // Maze ♡ gαвяιєℓℓα ♡
"I have to keep fighting. That's the only thing I know how to do. If I stop fighting for even a moment, it's over. And I guarantee you my end won't be pretty."...
Us (gallyxreader) by anssmx
Us (gallyxreader)by Assmx
Do opposite attract? As the sweet, kind and caring Y/n arrives at the glade the boys around her start to slide their way into her loving self, but don't be fooled she w...
TMR Imagines and Preferences by dontbecrankynewt
TMR Imagines and Preferencesby dontbecrankynewt
This is just a book of TMR imagines for the people of Wattpad to enjoy♡ I do all and any of the characters and if requested members of the cast
Teen Wolf/Maze Runner Crossover Book 1 by tcher1993
Teen Wolf/Maze Runner Crossover Cheryl Beasley
It had been five years since we all went our separate ways for college but we still remained a strong and united pack, we stayed in touch no matter what and they always...
Quiet is Violent {Newt | The Maze Runner} by fujihelexicon
Quiet is Violent {Newt | The exceptional narcissist ✨
Running is the only thing about the Maze that Tasha likes; breathing like her lungs are about to give out, blood pumping like it's trying to burst from her veins, wonder...
Good Grief (TMR fic) by a-random-dunedain
Good Grief (TMR fic)by a-random-dunedain
They had never had someone like Ash. They had never had a pyromaniac. They had never had someone with a mind that understood the Maze. They had never had someone who...
Home by tcher1993
Homeby Cheryl Beasley
The BAU are called to Beacon Hills to help locate the missing son of the town's sheriff after been missing for the past eighteen months, the first real clue arrives when...
The Maze Runner (Thomas x Reader) by Avengers1981
The Maze Runner (Thomas x Reader)by Winter_widow107
This is a female reader X Thomas
Captain (Gally x reader) by degree_in_simping
Captain (Gally x reader)by thats what she said
(Y/N) and her twin brother, Thomas, come up in the box together and can only remember that they are siblings and their names. They start changing the way of the Glade bu...
Rescue Me! by tcher1993
Rescue Me!by Cheryl Beasley
With Stiles's life hanging in the balance, the Gladers and Survivors along with the Beacon Hills pack must watch a series of memories to unlock the key to saving his lif...
Maze runner preferences  by -PeterStarkson-
Maze runner preferences by Prev. NewtTMR422
This will contain preferences from our glade bois, including Newt, Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Gally and Winston. If requested I can add or remove characters
Maze Wolf by tcher1993
Maze Wolfby Cheryl Beasley
When Stiles arrives at Beacon Hills Hospital injured carrying a young man inside, no one expected what was soon to happen. All rights apart for the story line go to the...
A15 The Innocent by NeverEnding_Hiatus
A15 The Innocentby No Longer Active
|Second story of A14| ×My Innocents is not Ignorance× Her mother thought to be dead, and the Glade slowly falling to pieces, Emmy finds herself at the cold truth. That t...
Secrets | TMR | One by -doubleshotofv0dka-
Secrets | TMR | Oneby -doubleshotofv0dka-
"Us three and the beach." TW: Mention of abuse, self harm, suicide, death. ***This is NOT a Newt fic*** ** All credits go to James Dashner! I only own a few s...