Winterville High 🖤

Winterville High 🖤

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Have you ever met that one guy who changes your life? The one who scatters your soul into pieces yet you can't stop loving him? 

Scarlett and Xavier - BFF's, well this is what scarlett thought they were! 

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Scarlett Henderson, your typical miss goody two shoes who insanely fell in love with Bad boy Xavier Thorn. 

Her dreams came crashing down when he left without a goodbye! The only question which lingered on her mind was - WHY DID HE LEAVE? 

She changed herself completely from soft and naive to hot and refined. But few things she couldn't change was his memories and her love for dance, even though dance reminds her more about Xavier she couldn't stop loving dance. 

Damon Styles, entered Scarlett life like an angel, she was again somehow becoming the old scarlett WITHOUT Xavier next to her. 

But what if her past is coming back? What if Xavier is coming back along with his past and most heart breaking news along with him? 

How will she choose when Xavier and Damon both stand in front of her? 

Xavier? Or Damon? 
Catch up this love traingle story and see how the mysteries unfold! ✨

-Alina Ashh🖤

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