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bingeworthy romance reads!! 💘💘 by kehlanibaee
bingeworthy romance reads!! 💘💘by kehlanibae
some amazing wattpad romance recommendations!! 💞💞 if you're looking for a badboy, billionaire, stories with badass female leads, sports romance, new adult, contemporar...
Brain Dead? by Slientoverkill
Brain Dead?by Silver posion
Jin Zea, is or was a modern day organ donor and fully grown adult with his V card intact who slowly died from an incurable disease, Jin draws his final breath and then a...
Sequel to THE CHOSEN ALPHA. Jeremy is finally revealed to be Alpha Lucas's descendant after the death of his best friend at the hands of Dominic. Armed with his newly aw...
I never did by messiinaskirt
I never didby messiinaskirt
sienna alessandro was the daughter of Antonio the gang leader of the biggest mafia. rocco was her childhood bestfriend that she loved and there fathers were good friend...
cнιcнarong ғlower [ ɴejιтeɴ ғαɴғιcтιoɴ ] ✔ by lily97000
cнιcнarong ғlower [ ɴejιтeɴ ғαɴғι 𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐤𝐚
[ Completed ] An epic love story can begin anywhere... even with dead pigs, burning huts, and stolen kisses. ____ If you love to read parodies, this is the book for you...
Riley Hayes | A Vampire Novel | Book 2 by DHKwriting
Riley Hayes | A Vampire Novel | DHwriting
Things end. People change, but life goes on. Riley has to make some difficult decisions after escaping from the vampire Lord, Leuca. She wasn't a hunter anymore and she...
Russian Queen by Roseangel222
Russian Queenby Red Ocean
Antonio Rossi is the cruel leader of the Italian Mafia but he's in deep trouble when the American Mafia and Mexican Mafia make an alliance to destroy him. Antonio is for...
F.E.A.R by Galaxy_Skeleton
F.E.A.Rby Galaxy_Skeleton
20 year old Amber was a boxer, or more of an illegal street fighter. There was a rumor around town by some that only knew, saying that there were a fighting club in the...
Breathing Fire (Published) by Heatheranno
Breathing Fire (Published)by H. Morris
Fiercely strong Andie and her genius brother Dylan are mysteriously transported into a primitive world. Their Valekin hosts think they were sent by the Gods in order to...
Marionette by ae-chan
Marionetteby ae-chan
"Great! now the doll is in the house. Ofcourse the elders will send her with all this freaking faster weres, she suited this mission." They keep talking while...
Sins of the Fallen. by AndreaFremouw
Sins of the Andie Fremouw
Codi Laurent has a secret that could undo the shaky peace between the angels and demons. The forbidden offspring of a lowly succubus and a powerful archangel, Codi is de...
Dreadful Princess ~ Blood Of Mafia (ENRAGED QUEEN #1) by Rachayetria
Dreadful Princess ~ Blood Of Rachayetria
Kiara Lubrano Greco wants nothing but freedom. She strives for it. She is ready to strike any rules set for her part of happiness. She is ready to break down the Mafia w...
Fight My Way by Menguin
Fight My Wayby Megan Somers
A warrior, friend, and mentor is all Remy ever knew how to be. Being a part of the Valkyrie squadron for the Council of Supernaturals was her life since she was 14. Know...
Sound of the rain by _Story_girl_03
Sound of the rainby _Story_girl_03
Magnolia Gregory a prosperous lawyer finds herself trapped. Her whole life is based in a lie.She never thought loving and loathing someone at the same time was achievabl...
Little Do You Know by Trulysassy
Little Do You Knowby Gargi Thakur
Alexandra Clark Davis is your regular 17 year old. She goes to school, she goes out with her friends, she parties on weekends. Everything basic. The only family she has...
Him & Her by skyxsavage
Him & Herby skyy
He is ruthless So is she. For the world they are ordinary people with multi - billion - dollar businesses and ruthless people for the underworld. Read to find out how th...
The Ones We Love Most  by Day_Dreamer0
The Ones We Love Most by Day_Dreamer0
In a world where shapeshifters and humans live together, seventeen year old Ayame faces discrimination and abuse while struggling to shield her younger Halfling sister f...
The Advanced by WordWorthy_Etiquette
The Advancedby Missy & Silver
The world has become a cruel and dark place. The whole entire human species are divided into two sides, the Democrats and the Monarchs. This is the world that Casey Wil...
Beyond this world by bloom_fire1
Beyond this worldby bloom_fire1
Imagine one day you were just living a normal life and then suddenly you get thrusted into the world you never thought could exist. As if that wasn't enough you are the...