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Temptress // H.S.  by watermellasugar
Temptress // H.S. by Ella𓆙
*This story contains MATURE and EXPLICIT content* "Well... you're dangerous. I'm dangerous." I looked up at him with a small smile. "What else could we ex...
pedestal  ⟡  hs by DEATHLY-THRILLED
pedestal ⟡ hsby ash
⟡ The year is 1993 when the young, yet fierce ice skater, Maia, is put to the test by her new partner, Harry, who provokes her with his tepid work ethic and coquettish w...
Winterville High 🖤  by alina_ashh
Winterville High 🖤 by alinaa
Have you ever met that one guy who changes your life? The one who scatters your soul into pieces yet you can't stop loving him? Scarlett and Xavier - BFF's, well this i...
Dead Silent Lies | Book 2 | T.L.E by TheBookKween
Dead Silent Lies | Book 2 | T.L.Eby Lee Forester
His Blood is on her hands, and the game is getting worse. ## Life for Rosanna Mercer has gotten complicated since killing Kane Duval. Learning to run her dead mother's b...
The House Of Lions  by Unforgettable-Author
The House Of Lions by Unknown Author
"They slander you." His voice remained monotoned just as his face would give it away. "Indeed they do. And if they believe what they hear then so be it...
Human Mate with Surprises by LINKINPARKfreak44
Human Mate with Surprisesby Tyson Eilers
The wolf just looks at me and then looks to his own back as if saying hop on. "Yeah no way that's happening. You get your paws on me, a human. Who knows your secret...
ILLUSION || ATEEZ by seventang
what could possibly go wrong being a hostage to 8 dangerously hot gangsters? in which Y/N's place of work have been robbed by 8 men seemingly not wanting to steal mone...
The Truth Behind Every Lie by _maleeaking
The Truth Behind Every Lieby Maleea :)
Becoming an FBI agent at the age of 22 was all Natalia dreamed of in life. A job she loved and was good at two. However, nothing good ever lasts for long, that was somet...
Jvo Imagines by halaghebriout
Jvo Imaginesby halaghebriout
I will fill this book with some stories including some series , my first serie is named "bad boy" , anyways enjoy :)
BLOODS FEUD (AMBW) by luthernovels
BLOODS FEUD (AMBW)by ≪ J Luther ≫
❝If you don't have the balls to blow her brains out, then I'll do it myself. ❞ Rival gang families fight for generations to be the best, to be on top of the food chain e...
Covered In Your Wings by alina_ashh
Covered In Your Wingsby alinaa
COVERED IN YOUR WINGS... Unlike poles attract even science proved that and yea these two were also attracted to each other. The spark which you feel when you see the c...
bingeworthy romance reads!! 💘💘 by kehlanibaee
bingeworthy romance reads!! 💘💘by kehlanibae
some amazing wattpad romance recommendations!! 💞💞 if you're looking for a badboy, billionaire, stories with badass female leads, sports romance, new adult, contemporar...
Destroying Myself (Myself #3) by Aquila_Lyn
Destroying Myself (Myself #3)by Ridhima
"I'm not your brother." A devil smile played on his lips. Elevating the right brow, I asked, "What do you mean?" My hand clenched the beer bottle as...
'Just Fell For Him..!  by Rossanskriti
'Just Fell For Him..! by Sanskriti Tripathi
"Can a crush be itched in your heart even after years..?!" Sans aka Rose is a late budding teenager with sundary of capabilities and alluring persona , conside...
Raising Heroes by Amiauron
Raising Heroesby Marissa Teng
Tina Matsumoto lost her husband just after her youngest son was born. Determined to take care of her kids she joins the police force not caring what others think about h...
Just To Be Clear by KiyraScott
Just To Be Clearby Kiyra Scott
A story of angels and demons as they band together to fight the evil that is trying to destroy them both
Kill Me Slowly by Marauder29
Kill Me Slowlyby Marauder29
Amalthea Marchbanks, the shy Slytherin who believes she shouldn't be in Slytherin. Tom Riddle, the charismatic Headboy, loved by many. Tom may have fooled everyone else...
"The moon is my mother. She is not sweet like Mary. Her blue garments unloose small bats and owls." ― Sylvia Plath, Ariel
Whats It Like To Be An Assasian by ilikecheesefries24
Whats It Like To Be An Assasianby ilikecheesefries24
Harmony Stone, the best killer in the agency, has a new job to do... Take a 19yr old spoiled college kid across the world and hide him away. Its diffrent for her, she's...
Undercover Fiancée  by XxShyReaderxX
Undercover Fiancée by XxShyReaderxX
What would you do if you were an undercover agent .....And you were assigned to the sexiest 25-year-old alive AKA Malcolm Chase- The biggest player ever to exist He's...