Infatuated (Editing)

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♠Qui By Qui_Oz Completed
In the few short years that she has been an exotic dancer, Rayne Hanson has grown bored with her job. Every night it’s the same dance and same men throwing money at her in hopes of having one night with the jewel of the club until one night a new face walks in and completely mesmerizes her. She challenges herself to bring him to his knees like all the others but will soon realizes that she opened the wrong door with the wrong man. What begins as a game in the eyes of the bold and sassy beauty known as Treasure quickly turns into an unimaginable case of infatuation. What he wants, he always gets and no one will stand in his way.
Yup, I remember the plot twists from ur other book. Didn't even give  me a chance to breath
this is super weird, my name is raynee =P pronounced Ray-nee but I sometimes go by rayne. So weird seeing my name in a book!
Thank goodness there's no sparkle. I mean, SPARKLING vampires? Seriously?
Twilight screwed with my emotions and I did not appreciate it
@travismaddox4ever My dream is shattered! Woe is me, woe is me!!!
Sparkle stuff? Damn, I thought they were gonna turn into unicorns...