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The Bad Boy's Weakness by paperandpen444
The Bad Boy's Weaknessby ~Samantha~
"You wanna say that again?" he hisses, his face inches from mine, his hands on either side of my head. I can't help but notice how blue his eyes are, and how...
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Still SWERVIN❤️  by Jaeeemoneyyyy
Still SWERVIN❤️ by Jaeeemoneyyyy
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Mamma Mia: Sophie's Next Step by jadams152
Mamma Mia: Sophie's Next Stepby jadams152
Donna and the gang are back! This time, hopefully, Sophie will get the wedding she's always wished for.
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Mustafa Ali~Instagram by AsylumEmpire
Mustafa Ali~Instagramby AsylumEmpire
Mustafa started following you. Mustafa comment on your picture.
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Crazy, Sweet by ninyatippett
Crazy, Sweetby Ninya Tippett
Ali Benning is a poor, ambitious girl who lives in the slums of Dock Garren, the backdoor of the affluent city of Ballard where she'd been attending the prestigious scho...
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The Jock's Heart (COMPLETED) by jordan390
The Jock's Heart (COMPLETED)by jordannn
Ali Taylor has been brutally beaten by her drunken parents since she was seven years old, and she has been going through that for ten years now. As if that isn't enoug...
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The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck in Naruto by Fallen_Angel--x
The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck Distant Stars
Hana was an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. She lived with three roommates and was obsessed with Naruto. One day, she tried a jutsu, and it worked! From that moment...
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 Locked Hearts by AuthorMae
Locked Heartsby Maisha
[The book needed to be heavily edited and I don't have time to do so!! Please bear with me] Alhumdulillah!! #10 in Spiritual (06/12/16) Azreea Hasan the cute innocent yo...
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ARI -badung -berandalan -biang kerok -hobi tauran Dan masih banyak lagi sederet absen panjang yang identik dengaan murid nakal mengekor dibelakang namanya. ALI -ketos ...
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The Baynes Legacy- Book 1- Love In The Moonlight by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy- Book 1- Love Stacy
Tales of a family of werewolves that have to push through all of those who are determined to stand in their ways in finding happiness. But luckily for them all the bump...
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The Daughter Of Love & Mischief by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The Daughter Of Love & Mischiefby Lone-wolf-fanfics
Once upon a time, Loki had a daughter, he had a daughter he loved more then anything, but a jealous relationship saw that the child was taken from him. Many years later...
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Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in Love With my Brother's Archenemy by AW3313
Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in AW
Alice Potter is the sister of Harry Potter but Alice finds herself falling in love with Harry's worst enemy! I own none of the characters except for Alison and Remember...
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Avneil's Dark Love by AnjaliYADAV678
Avneil's Dark Loveby Anjali YADAV
a dark luv story of avneil she was innocent he was a playboy wat will happen wen they will marry
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The Lost Brother's by RiaKiyo
The Lost Brother'sby RiaKiyo
Seorang anak laki-laki yang memiliki masa lalu yang begitu pahit , yang menjadikan sebuah tanda tanya besar ??? , akankah rahasia itu terungkap ?... "Kau itu siapa...
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Avneil ff  STRENGTH OF LOVE ❤ by underground22
Avneil ff STRENGTH OF LOVE ❤by Mrs zain imam😍
"beta " she turns to face him with blood shot eyes. he feels guilty for his doings. " I am sorry. it was a mistake. at that moment I trusted my maa .I a...
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I Love You (Krashlyn) by AMBRAVO6
I Love You (Krashlyn)by Amelia Bravo
Ali and Ashlyn are best friends, what will happen when they realize they have feelings for each other?
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kissy by Neha_kankonkar
kissyby Neh@
an avneil os
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He doesn't love me... ~Niall Horan love story~ by ActMyAgeX
He doesn't love me... ~Niall LOL
Lola Payne isn't what you'd call your average teenager. To start off with her brother is in one of the hottest boy bands around, One Direction, and her mum is forcing he...
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Catch Me If I fall (Emily and Alison) by naturalsweetheart26
Catch Me If I fall (Emily and natural sweetheart
The girls are already slipping from her hands. In order for Alison to gain back the trust and confidence of the girls, she has to marry Emily. This story is a bit manip...
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Kya pyaar humko jeena sikhayasta hai? by Innocent_soul101
Kya pyaar humko jeena sikhayasta Innocent_soul101
Check to find out more
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