The 'Straight' Alpha.(ManxMan)

The 'Straight' Alpha.(ManxMan)

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Updated Dec 01

George Hart is a young man who has a stressful job yet yearns to return back to his true love of painting. 

On his way home, he witnesses an attack which will change his life forever. 

He meets his mate but he doesn't know this as he doesn't know about werewolves but his mate, knows about him and he isn't exactly over the moon that he has a human and male mate.

Oliver Summers is the alpha of Summer Well's pack, he's strong, handsome and loves women and he hates the fact that he has a male mate but he hates how he finds himself yearning for the auburn haired man who has the scent of an angel.

Will Oliver be able to get over the fact that he's a mated to a male? Will he take a chance and be in George's life? Or will he act like a jerk and break his heart?

KLCross KLCross Jul 02
This is so dang true, and if I don't do what she's asking me to do it makes me feel guilty and she knows this that's why she does it. She's all like "come on KayLa please" and she knows I'm doing something and she still ask me.
                              OH HELL NAH, NOW IM MAD
                              AINT NO ONE HURTING MY FAMILY
                              EVEN IF I DONT LIKE 'EM THAT MUCH
                              LEMME AT THE GUY WHO DID THIS
Gabbiiie Gabbiiie Sep 19
Man I would be like i looked up the shop to see how good you where
landagreene landagreene Oct 24
Reminds me of George from Grey's anatomy ,his father use to always call him Georgie and he use to answer just like tat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the gud old days😁😁
Me when I'm basically pulling an all nighter because I waited until the night before to write my essay
Would it be weird if he painted one and bought his own work??