My Alpha . (ManxMan)

My Alpha . (ManxMan)

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Louis Lemon By Mr-Lemon Updated Feb 06

George Hart is a young man who has a stressful job yet yearns to return back to his true love of painting. 

On his way home, he witnesses an attack which will change his life forever. 

He meets his mate but he doesn't know this as he doesn't know about werewolves but his mate, knows about him and he isn't exactly over the moon that he has a human and male mate.

Oliver Summers is the alpha of Summer Well's pack, he's strong, handsome and loves women and he hates the fact that he has a male mate but he hates how he finds himself yearning for the auburn haired man who has the scent of an angel.

Will Oliver be able to get over the fact that he's a mated to a male? Will he take a chance and be in George's life? Or will he act like a jerk and break his heart?

(Was once named The 'Straight' Alpha)

  • bite
  • blood
  • drinking
  • gay
  • homophobia
  • jealousy
  • pack
  • strength
  • werewolf
Well I don't know anything either about cars but I know you messed up...I only know kinds of cars but it isn't really my thing
Do not fall for him...Even tho it's impossible IN TRYING TO HELP
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Jan 08
^ same. Then you start doing random things with your hands, moving them a lot and you can't stay still
'Oh well somebody told me ur name and how good this place is so yea... *nervous chuckle * haha...'
Malevolent4ever Malevolent4ever Nov 14, 2017
He did better than I would lol I'd probably just say thingy a lot to describe everything
What if they don't find anything?You are gonna get in big trouble