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The Perfect Summer

The Perfect Summer

203K Reads 4K Votes 45 Part Story
M A Y By AutumnFireflyx Completed

Alison is looking forward to the best summer EVER with her best friend Serena. When Ali and Serena go away for the summer, they don't expect to be torn apart. They work in a small cafe in the town and they love it...that is until the charming and drop dead sexy brothers Wesley and Connor show up along side the ultimate hottie, Leo and everything starts to go downhill.  Alison and Serena are about to find out that true love and friendship comes with a price, and Alison learns that the people you trust the most have more to hide than you could ever imagine. Will Alison overcome her problems or will the "perfect summer" not be so perfect after all?

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notaboutwalkers notaboutwalkers Feb 20, 2014
I looked on your profile, saw this book and squealed. I love teen fiction books, especially when they take place in the summer! Alison and Serena are perfect for this story, and I'm super excited to read more!
_XTomboyNerdx _XTomboyNerdx Oct 06, 2013
Just started reading the first chapter and I love it already!!!! and AHHHH I love your cast list toooo!!!!! Im so excited to read onnnnn, Good job!
DiscordantHarmony DiscordantHarmony Jul 17, 2013
I really love the cover and in terms of the story I did actually enjoy this first chapter. Even though it was kind of slow I have to admit oddly enough it actually drew me in. Good job :)
Bright_as_dark Bright_as_dark Jul 07, 2013
WOW! It was pretty good, I liked how you explained their realationship. To be honest, I found the first half a little bit boring, but I still stuck through. That last sentence ("If only I knew how badly my summer would turn out") was what really got me to flip to chapter two. Well done :)
Alecia_Stone Alecia_Stone Jun 28, 2013
A good start. A little more telling than showing for my liking, but it was still an enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading on.
spvanderlee spvanderlee Jun 12, 2013
Very nice name for a girl, unique, Serena :) Haven't heard it before.
                              Lots of background info in this chapter though, watch out ;), could become dreary. You can spice it up a bit by making it active :D Showing us what happened!