Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible

Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible

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Bond. James Bond By silent_ninja_tfios Updated Nov 02

"She made broken look healed 
And strong look invincible, 
She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings."

Zeeniya Tahan, 22, is everything normal girls aren't. 


 But nobody could figure out the pain she was hiding behind that perfect smile.

Enters Nayal Siddiqi. He isn't the Prince Charming in a shining armor but more like an annoying yet handsome project partner. 

With three morons as brothers and a goofy best friend, Zeeniya Tahan has a lot on her plates.
But when the memories of 'that night' come haunting back.
What is going to happen?

Stay tuned for drama, fun, action, romance and what not!

Getting on starting again for getting this book the watty awards.
Lolol im definitely not a tomboy but looking forward to this :)
AasmaMughal AasmaMughal Jan 28
Well i seriously dont get it why do non muslims call muslims terrorist even girls r covering them selves not looking like an sex object
U_Uwhateve U_Uwhateve Apr 21
I'm tomboy, but sometimes I can be a girl lol ( specially in front of my mum) 😄
ignitedfyre ignitedfyre Nov 13
I was used to be a tomboy! *sigh* but not anymore. . . and I miss it all.
Blue eyes. Brown hair, tomboy,  Zeeniya seems to be such a beautiful girl. Perfect description.