Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible

Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible

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Bond. James Bond By silent_ninja_dfc Completed

"She made broken look healed, 
And strong look invincible, 
She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings."

What if you wake up in a hospital bed not remembering anything that happened the night before?

What if the horrors keep you sleepless for the next four years?

Zeeniya Tahan hid perfectly behind the mask she crafted. 

Kick boxer
And a sarcastic girl boss.

Stuck between three brothers and a best friend, she was finally coping with the clandestine facts when the hurricane struck - in the form of a really good looking - I mean really good looking project partner.

Nayal Siddiqi, your more than average knight in the shining armor, smart, hot - everything Zeeniya didn't need.

But some times just the thought of a helping hand is all you need to get over the worst fears. And in her case, finding out what happened that night.

If you need humor, sarcasm, crime and and romance all under one roof, you just in the right place.

Words of praise from the best readers ever:

"I love reading it n I think in a few days I'll be reading it again but I don't like getting to an end of an amazing book like this one."



"I'm not actually crying but still...this is kinda emotional :D"

"This book is really amazing, it's so good that I read it two times whole waiting for the update. Amazing plot and the twist and turns made it every interesting."

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marshmallow0811 marshmallow0811 Dec 28, 2017
*waves back* 
                              Mind if i join this roller coaster ride...yes ? 
                              Yayy was going to join anyways cause im the one to break rules what are they even made for ?! Xd :)
LetsBreatheWords_ LetsBreatheWords_ Jul 14, 2016
Getting on starting again for getting this book the watty awards.
AasmaMughal AasmaMughal Jan 28, 2016
Well i seriously dont get it why do non muslims call muslims terrorist even girls r covering them selves not looking like an sex object
TheDeadlyWolf01 TheDeadlyWolf01 Jul 31, 2016
I am Muslim but only blood wise and I am one of the great tomboys at my school
silent_ninja_dfc silent_ninja_dfc Sep 10, 2015
Hahahaha. Well that was the first thing that popped in my head
lilly_ofthevalley lilly_ofthevalley Sep 10, 2015
I thought that this title was so funny since the most boyish girl I know is a muslim:)