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"I-I mean, I'm not a girl of your type, you see. I'm all simple and casual whereas you're so high class, rich and stubborn" She covered up somehow stammering on her words while he was busy in throwing deadly draggers on her.


Here he was busy in savouring the cheesy onion taste of the snack with that chilled drink flowing down his throat with a slight burning sensation when she snapped her fingers in front of his eyes, making him look at her with squinted eyes, ready to hear something stupid yet again.

"Randhir, I can not marry you because I'm an AIDS patient. The perfect solid reason." She grinned with a slight jump on her seat while the morsel got stuck in his throat, making him choke. Chewing somehow he gulped down the remaining food down his throat which was dried till now, making his eyes teary and red due to the continuous gag of hard coughs. She patted his back while helping him in having the water,"Is it okay now?"

"Mhmm..hmm." He nodded bitterly, controlling his coughs. She sat back on her seat nervously on finding his still a bit red eyes glaring her,"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" She blinked her eyes continuously while looking at her fumbling fingers together.

"You say it again, YOU ARE HAVING WHAT? Just say that again and I swear I'm gonna make you regret it so badly and I promise that."

"Uh..okay. I'm not an AIDS patient so.." She gulped the lump down her throat looking at his sharp glares,"I'm a lesbian then? This sounds better!" She looked up, making a puppy face, hoping for her last reason to be a valid one only to close her eyes with a squeeze, anticipating a slap when he raised his hand.


The book might not be the best thing ever you read but it might be something readable enough.

Chapters are extreeeeeeemely short. 


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rhythem_ rhythem_ May 03, 2016
nice, loved the start... looking forward for the further updates
- - May 03, 2016
Hahahah...i was laughing hard...aids lesbian😂😂😂 kuch or ni mila toh yahi keh diya
                              Btw do you need a cover for this?? Or any other book?? I can make one