Is He A She?! | ✓

Is He A She?! | ✓

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❝Sometimes you don't have to be Superman or Spiderman to save a soul. You just have to dress as a guy.❞


I never thought bribery would come before talent in India. I never thought my father would fail his ultimate contract. I never thought we'd go bankrupt. I never thought we'd end up broke and homeless. And I certainly never thought I would dress up as a boy to stay in an all boys school.

My name is Uthra, daughter of millionaire and owner of Parthiban Constructions. And this is the story of how I became Uthra, SON of ex millionaire and ex owner of Parthiban Constructions, Mr Arun Parthiban.


Dedicated to my sister/mentor/inspiration @Litdark 


r e a d e r ' s    o p i n i o n
"Your story has dripping sarcasm and drool worthy attitude of girls, and the amazing romance - I kid you not, no one wants to miss an amazing sarcasm dripping hilarious fiction."

"That girl is da bomb. Period."

"The feels and bromance is too real. Help!"

"Short. But hilarious and downright funny. Good job."


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Dynamicdyuti Dynamicdyuti 3 days ago
The original title is great, but I like boyland and the blokes
Swivellion Swivellion Jan 09
My first anime was (something) No prince Sama. I LOVED IT! 
Furawa Furawa 19 hours ago
Honestly refreshing to see non-white characters as main characters in wattpad stories ;)
IT IS! I'm reading it all over again!
                              In Serious need of dose a humour in life :D
Swivellion Swivellion Jan 09
Rofl i got confused for a second there because i read it as 'Burp' and i was like 🤔🤔🤔