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Testoster-zone | Sample

Testoster-zone | Sample

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Previously called 'Is He A She?!'

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❝Sometimes you don't have to be Superman or Spiderman to save a soul. You just have to dress as a guy.❞


Parents and troubled looks are always a bad combination. 

Just like how getting bankrupt and asking to dress as a guy are a bad combination.

Mission objectives: 

1. Befriend unfriendly, cold, rich loner.

2. Make him social.

3. Get the hell out of this all boys school. 

But some things go unplanned just like how the mission gets altered a 'teeny' bit. 

Like, for e.g., 

1. Make friends.

2. Become one of the boys. 

3. Make her roommate 'life of the party.'

4. Have the time of her life.

5. And maybe, just maybe... fall in love. 


Dedicated to my sister/mentor/inspiration @Litdark 


r e a d e r ' s    o p i n i o n
"Your story has dripping sarcasm and drool worthy attitude of girls, and the amazing romance - I kid you not, no one wants to miss an amazing sarcasm dripping hilarious fiction."

"That girl is da bomb. Period."

"The feels and bromance is too real. Help!"

"Short. But hilarious and downright funny. Good job."


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Smol_Narwol Smol_Narwol Mar 11
The only reason I clicked on this is to tell you:
                              I absolutely LOVE how the cover says "is he is she!?"
VINI_2199 VINI_2199 Apr 03
Aww shoo cute start ❤ m in love wid Ur cute creative thoughts.  Here's a hug for u ❤
captniall captniall 2 days ago
is it weird i have a poster of the cover (without the words) since its a 1d poster lmao
Smol_Narwol Smol_Narwol Mar 11
I likehow the artist really captured my soullessness in my pupil-less eyes
i have this 'friend' named Uthra and she talks to me only to get to one of my guy friends who she's obsessed with
I like this one,but it might give some mixed signals if you don't read the discription