Mr Kingston's Roommate | ✓

Mr Kingston's Roommate | ✓

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"I'm an English professor with an iq of 125, enlighten me as to how I'm illiterate sweetheart"He smiled bitter sweetly and I gritted my teeth in anger. 

I kept my menacing gaze locked on him, trying my hardest to appear as threatening as I thought I was but I knew I looked like a constipated cat"You May be an English professor but you might be stupid in all other subjects!"

Really Leila, I knew you were stupid but try not to show it yeah?

He scoffed humorously and folded his hands over his chest, his icy blue eyes locked with mine and a look of amusement etched on his stupidly perfect face "Oh really like what?"

"Like life!"

I watched as he bounced on his heels softly and sported that signature smirk I hate but I love so much. God I wish I could smack it away. 



Her name is Leila Hart, nineteen years old with a heart cold as ice. At least over the past few years that's what she mastered to do since everything and everyone she knows hates her. All this potty mouth queen is trying to do is finish her four years at her dream college and become a web designer, her plan was to get in and get out with no complications but these things always comes with a catch. After having her dorm room assigned to someone else, Leila Hart is left with that hassle, and his name is Blake Kingston. 

Twenty one year old Blake Kingston, the man with the body of a swimsuit model. Mind of Einstein and attitude of a spoiled rich brat is a professor at Cambridge college, other than the same obnoxious "How are you so young and you're a professor?"questions, He's never had to deal with anything more annoying. And that is until miss potty mouth queen arrives. 

Cliché? Yes but who cares!?
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