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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

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suGar_Twinkles95 By suGar_Twinkles95 Completed

The eyes of a child are always wondrous. Full of imagination. A younger Rachel, grew up believing in fairy tales. Rachel's imagination could be taken anywhere with the help from her beloved father. Stories that a Prince will one day come rescue her from danger and live happily ever after like most fairy tales end.  As Rachel begins to get older. Tragedy strikes.  The fairy tale that she once held dear to her, vanished completely. There was no more believing, but thinking realistically.  Love is dead. She lives with her grandparents taking the full responsibility of taking care of them. Then one day as she lays on her bed she thinks back to her younger years of how she would play around her room with her father, chasing the ogres out her bedroom that she once called her castle. Then with a blink of an eye. She lands in a world that were as if they were from pages of a fairy tale. There she is captured and forced to stay with the cruel Prince Samuel in his huge castle filled with soldiers. Believing this is a dream. She gets to know her away around the palace. As time goes by. Rachel realizes that this isn't a dream and tries to flee, but with the amount of time she stayed. She can't help to feel sorrow and feeling a strong attachment with the Prince that she once hated.....

_Fallen_Angell88 _Fallen_Angell88 Jan 24, 2016
That's me when a part in a book when the main characters won't kiss.
MyztikalTearz MyztikalTearz May 29, 2012
Cute, heart-touching reflection - but kind of odd she's thinking about a bedtime event in the morning
Gena_Hates_Twilight7 Gena_Hates_Twilight7 Jul 07, 2011
I love this especially since my thought about happy ever after is kind of cynical.
tabidesu tabidesu Jun 13, 2011
Very cute, with the whole fairy tale.  I especially liked the part where the dad interrupted and said "You know what?  Everyone fell asleep."  That was funny.  Good first chapter.
Guardo_4_Eva Guardo_4_Eva Jun 13, 2011
This is a cute way to introduce the story with the little girl POV
DanceBubs DanceBubs Jun 13, 2011
Very nice start, you created the scene well, and portrayed the characters personality well too :)