Towers [BOOK ONE]

Towers [BOOK ONE]

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"Our kingdom was once beautiful, but now the towers are everywhere. They say that Queen Rapunzel has lost her mind--and I believe them. Before, I might have felt sorry for her, but now I just fear her. I fear the sound of her soldiers pounding at the door, demanding that I be taken away. I fear the towers."

Years after the original tale of Rapunzel took place, the kingdom--left to the grief-stricken Queen after her husband's death--is falling apart. People live in constant fear of the many terrible towers across the land, built by her Majesty's decree. Bird is just a peasant girl from the High North, but when someone she cares about is taken by the mad Queen's soldiers, she realizes that the tyranny will never end unless someone tries to fix it. With nothing but her friends, a sled, and a mind full of songs, she sets out to get rid of the towers, once and for all.

HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Fantasy!

  • adventure
  • badboy
  • death
  • fairytale
  • fairytaleretelling
  • fantasy
  • grief
  • insanity
  • journey
  • magic
  • medieval
  • mystery
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  • queen
  • quest
  • rapunzel
  • romance
  • towers
  • traitor
ZSimmons2 ZSimmons2 Dec 04, 2017
I actually loved this story! I can't wait to read it again. Every character is relatable to me in ways thoughtful. I love every twist and plot turn.
PrincessPineapple02 PrincessPineapple02 Jul 16, 2016
Beautiful description and beautiful chapter! I'm already hooked haha
- - Aug 18, 2016
I love this introduction! It's very interesting. It tells enough to get me curious but not enough that I can guess the book. You got yourself a reader.
Gymnast042 Gymnast042 Oct 03, 2016
Great start it really got to me , and I'm excited to keep reading.
MNValentine MNValentine Oct 22, 2015
This is such a great story idea!!! I love reading and writing books and stories based on fairy tales...this one looks really good!
Lily_Pen_Name Lily_Pen_Name Sep 29, 2015
I really like the hook of this book! I can already tell there's a talented author typing away at a fantastic book!